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  • Maggiewood - Perfect Fit, good construction

    These are obviously Toyota parts because it was a perfect fit. The installation instructions are very bad as far as removing the rack covers in the back. You have to be extremely careful or you will nip off at least one of the little snap tabs. These little tabs are less than 1/4" long and 1/8" wide. It is almost impossible to not break one of the tiny tabs. If you are picky, I would have a dealer install them for you. I replaced the two covers and they are on solid even with one missing tab...but I am not happy about that. The removal tool is also used to push on the rubber stoppers in the last step. I had to cut one of the rubber stoppers because they gave me two left hand pieces.

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome TV!

    Awesome TV!! I have the 50 in and it is crystal clear. All of the apps work fine including Amazon. Clearly, this is the best TV I have owned and it replaced an older Samsung. Not sure about some of the complaints in the reviews. Sometimes you get a lemon no matter what you purchase, but as you can see, this gets 4 and half stars in the reviews here. For the money, I don't see how you could do any better. This TV is even better if you pair it with a good stereo system and blu-ray player. Enjoy!

  • Amazon Customer - Buy it. Read it. Try it.

    The really amazing thing about Athol's approach to married game is that there really are no tricks. He's basically advocating that if you want to turn on your wife you need to make changes to yourself in order to be more of a turn-on. The bottom line is you end up happy because your wife is turned on by you and your wife ends up happy because she has the gift of a fully engaged and attractive man, just like the one she chose to marry years ago. It's very interesting to read some of the negative reviews – they seem so far off the mark but I suppose that's just exactly the kind of thing an author is going to get when they start experiencing success.

  • Alison L. Lane - We recommend this program to everyone!

    This is the plan that kick started our weight loss and healthy eating. Months later we are remain down in weight and still enjoy our breakfast shakes. The first 3 days were tough as we detoxed off caffeine, alcohol, and sugar, but now we are in a healthier place and understand our bodies better. My husband has done so well, his doctor lowered his cholesterol medicine and may take him off completely!!! We recommend this program to everyone!