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  • Dog Lover - If they ever go out a business I will buy a storage unit to hold everyone last one!

    It works at getting rid of the smell of cat urine. I have tried many others options including but not limited to: Nature's Miracle; Febreze; Baking Soda and Vinegar; Bissell PetFormula; anything in PetSmart. I found out about urineOff when I got a dog. I works great on dog urine too. It takes the scent out. I can understand that some may not like the smell. I don't like it either. After I treat my carpet I shampoo once it has dried. Urine scent and stain gone and the product scent is going too.

  • Sara M - I have been an avid and daily user of Chi Silk Infusion for the past 12 years and have always thought it to be a superior produc

    I have very dry bleached hair that I have been trying to get on the mend. I have been an avid and daily user of Chi Silk Infusion for the past 12 years and have always thought it to be a superior product. A friend noticed how dry my ends and hair had been and recommended this product to me. I found this product in stores and salons but was discouraged slightly by the price since I just wanted to try it. I found this deal here on Amazon and figured it was worth a shot. I stopped using the Chi Silk Infusion and replaced it with this Biosilk Silk Therapy Original in my normal routine. I typically wash my hair and condition it every 2-3 days and then while it is wet I use a dime-nickle sized amount on my end sand through out my hair. The first day I remarked at how much lighter it felt on my hair and it didn't feel greasy. I have completely swapped out this product for the Chi as it absorbs better and makes my hair softer and more moisturized. I have noticed that my hair is healthier and in the process has grown about 2 inches because the health of my hair is so much better! Definitely purchase this product if your hair is dry or damaged and treat your hair right!

  • NVGirl - Better than Intuit annual payroll fee.

    This is the least expensive way to upgrade your Quickbooks software and annual payroll fees. I paid approximately 1/2 the cost I would have paid to Intuit to purchase the latest QB software and an annual payroll subscription. QB Pro 2012 is a license for ONE machine and the Enhanced Payroll is for up to 3 employees. I didn't find a better deal anywhere else.

  • Megan Werth - Really helped with fine lines and acne!

    As I am getting older, I have started to notice some fine lines around my eyes. I also still have acne!! I started to use the uptown retinol cream to see if it would help. I first started using it only at night and then gradually add it to my morning routine. The light and non greasy formal is wonderful! I have started to notice that all the fine lines aren't as noticeable. I am not breaking out as bad! Retinols has a tendency to dry out your skin but I didn't seem to notice any drying! It is awesome!!

  • Lori K. Christiansen - The very best product for thinning hair

    I have tried many products to hide my thinning hair. Some were spay some were powder. I have had some of the powder products itch and flake about my forehead and nose even after sealing with hairspray. Spray in is a nightmare!! it leaves splatter marks, fall out and my pillow in the morning looks like I was in a fight with a cat. It also runs badly in the rain.... Now Caboki....beyond perfection. No flaking, No over-spray and clean morning pillow!! Love it...Looks totally natural. Would highly recommend to anyone...even in the rain.