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  • http://m.scarleteen.com/article/sexual_identity_in_your_own_words/the_art_of_getting_bi The Art of Getting Bi | Scarleteen - Being bisexual entails a very specific struggle that isn’t talked about enough: being believed.
  • http://m.scarleteen.com/article/gender/welcome_to_trans_summer_school Welcome to Trans Summer School! | Scarleteen - Experiencing a little gender confusion? We know the feeling. In Trans Summer School, we'll give you the big scoop about trans and otherwise gender nonconforming people, and answer your questions about the wide world of gender.
  • http://m.scarleteen.com/article/politics/be_your_own_superhero_learning_how_and_when_to_stand_up_for_ourselves Be Your Own Superhero: Learning How and When to Stand Up for Ourselves | Scarleteen - Feel like being able to clearly set boundaries, stick to them, and assert yourself must require superpowers? Nope! You've already got all the goods: here's how to develop and use them!
  • http://m.scarleteen.com/article/advice/im_not_sure_my_girlfriend_is_enjoying_herself_during_sex_and_im_feeling_insecure Letting Go of Inadequate Feelings - How to communicate about sex when you aren't sure if your partner is enjoying it.
  • http://m.scarleteen.com/article/advice/my_boyfriend_keeps_asking_about_my_sexual_history My boyfriend keeps asking about my sexual history! - Dealing with a partner who keeps asking about something that makes you uncomfortable.
  • http://m.scarleteen.com/article/advice/i_just_want_a_relationship I Just Want a Relationship - What do you do when you really want to date but don't feel great about yourself?
  • http://m.scarleteen.com/article/read/all_about_s_e_x_the_scarleteen_book All About S.E.X.: The Scarleteen Book! | Scarleteen - Have a peek at S.E.X., the in-depth and inclusive young adult sexuality guide by Scarleteen founder Heather Corinna, newly updated for 2016!

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  • Debra Watts - 2 - disc one was fine but disc two would not play most of episode ...

    I didn't start watching dvd until Oct. 2 - disc one was fine but disc two would not play most of episode 8 and would not play any of episodes 9 or 10. However you are telling me it is too late for a replacement. I find that unacceptable.

  • Kittygyrl - find another accounting software

    Stay away from QuickBooks if you can. This software constantly stops working with your banking and you are left not being able to log in to pay any of your bills. You will spend HOURS on the phone with technical support and still not have a solution. You will end up manually doing your bookkeeping until it starts working again THEN you have the mess of having everything duplicated and double/triple pay bills until you can stop all of the transactions. Tech support will keep you on the phone for greater than 6 hours then just hang up on you and not call you back.

  • A to Z - Im glad i just purchased the one small bottle

    Theres something in here that gives the chicken a slightly odd flavor. I cant put my finger on it. A slightly bitter taste. Im glad i just purchased the one small bottle. Still a fan of McCormick but wasnt too happy with this one.

  • B Franklin - Great as a computer monitor

    Great computer monitor, very little calibration actually needed out of the box. Works great for large spreadsheet applications but also plays games just fine. Played Witcher 3 4k, Dirty Bomb 4k and custom ultrawide resolution, Doom 3, etc... All ran great using an overclocked 980 TI. Basically no input lag and very little motion blur. Did have some bad looking clipping on occassion when vsync was off during 1st person shooters but nothing I can't forgive.

  • markeya - DONT BUY

    This phone is awful DONT BUY!!!!! When you are on the phone you can't hang up because the screen stays black... freezes up all the time... can't surf the web with out the phone knock me off

  • Williams27 - I love Swaddlers. The color changing stripe is very useful

    I love Swaddlers. The color changing stripe is very useful, especially when you have a newborn. My only advice is not to buy too many newborn sized diapers before the baby is born! My son was a week early and a surprising 9 pounds, so the nurses were using size 1 Swaddlers while we were at the hospital. I had one box of newborn-sized, so we used them when we got home. However, I'm glad I didn't have a stock pile, since we switched to the next size immediately.

  • DoragonNoUnmei - I'm sure it affects some people better though. I've had better results from different brands ...

    I decided to give these a try for awhile now, but hasnt really worked for me as I thought it would such as a semen volumizer, but it has gotten me more horny and hard after use though. I'm sure it affects some people better though. I've had better results from different brands like Ejacupro and Ejaculoid before. It's nice for the price though. I'm not saying don't give this a shot, I'm just trying to be honest with my experience with this brand. I will try other supplements from Vigor Labs in the future though.