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  • Melanie Hatfield - Hooray for Dad!

    Dads and men are so often butt of jokes and made to look incompetent these days. I love seeing a book that lets kids see dad as someone to look up to - as their Superhero! But it also lets them see him as a superhero for who he really is. I love this book!

  • Thomas G. Jacomet - Perfect rose food!

    Mixed this in with rose fertilizer and have blooms nearly one foot in diameter! Drawback is I can't cut them as they growl at me whenever I get near them with the scissors...and they've eaten several small birds and a stray kitten...

  • JoeyBz - no chemical taste and great to quench thirst

    The flavoring on this is on point. just very refreshing, no chemical taste and great to quench thirst. I love taking amino's on fasted training and post workout for recovery. This is just a great fruit punch flavor with a solid profile that mixes easy with no floaters.

  • Jeff - I'm a happy man. I delivered seven bags of weed & ...

    For $200. I'm a happy man. I delivered seven bags of weed & feed over my several acre lawns. Mounted on the back of my Honda ATV. Now, with the job done, spreader removed until next Spring.

  • Amazon Customer - Exact replacement fit.

    Super easy installation. No modifications needed to get them to fit. Very pleased with these speakers.