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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • sharon - Leaked in package, but good product.

    The caps were loose and normal handing allowed the foil seal to pop open enough to leak a couple of spoonful's of oil to leak into the shipping box. plus I could smell the sulfur in the gear lube before I opened the box, What a mess!! The product is great. If the caps would have been screwd on tight no mess would have happened.

  • HELIO - KING ASUS router - it will be on the top list for quite some time

    Life is too short to keep on looking for better price and decent quality. You get with this router piece of mind that get nowhere. I often try to find updated information on security and performance of routers. This one has them all, customizable as per individual needs.

  • lainer - The end to a bad hair life

    Put off by Wen's outrageous cost, I found Hair One by reading online reviews of Wen. I've only been using it a week or so, but I believe it really makes a difference. I have fine straight hair. Used to have a lot of it when I was younger, but certainly have less of it now that I'm in my 70's. I believe I have more body and certainly fewer fly-aways with Hair One. The problem with fine hair is that washing gives you some body but you get surface frizzies and then by the next day or two when it calms down, you've lost the body. Even on a day that I haven't washed my hair with Hair One, I can comb it into its style (I do use a silk pillowcase).

  • FranklinTNShopper - Allergic Reaction- Bismuth Oxychloride in this product

    After using Bare Minerals for a Saturday morning and a Sunday morning application I have a horrible sunburn-like dry itchy raw face for 3 days. I previously tried Cover Girl Mineral makeup and had the same reaction, but did not realize the connection until now. Following research online-I discovered that many women suffer this same rash from the Bismuth Oxychloride contained in this product and some other brands like Cover Girl.

  • KatchKenda - How Incredibly Awesome!!

    What an amazingly hilarious read. Luvvie is so dope. This book is everything I wanted it to be and more. I love her ability to make us laugh as I as think. I could put it down. And I also the audio book which made her words come to life. This is a great read for anyone who judges people and that's all of us. Get into Luvvie.

  • Dani15 - Huge Set

    This is a great set of vacuum sealer bags. It is a very big pack, you get an absolute ton for what you pay. A lot of other sellers and even store bought vacuum space saver bags charge a few dollars less but you only get a few bags. For a few bucks more you get a whopping fifteen plus a hand pump! On top of that these bags came in an assortment of sizes. There is a nice variety to choose from, which will satisfy your different needs. The bags are boldly and clearly labelled which is seriously useful, they aren't always with other brands. The quality and thickness of the bags are nice. These are easy to fill and simple to seal, and best of all reusable. Good for travel and storage, keeping your things inside safe and clean. When I plan on long term storage I usually slip a dryer sheet inside for a fresher scent. These arrived well packaged and in good condition. Full Disclosure: I received these at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

  • Shanna Burns - This is a truly wonderful moisturizer! I watched a youtube vlog where someone ...

    This is a truly wonderful moisturizer! I watched a youtube vlog where someone raved about it so I took a chance and purchased it. I'm so glad I did! I have very sensitive skin that breaks out from everything...until now! The great thing is that it absorbs right into the skin, is not greasy and doesn't flake off when applying foundation. Will order again.