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  • Steve A - So Far So Good

    Just put this in our motorhome (Sprinter Chassis) and it fits like a glove. Only time will tell if it lasts and does the job but so far so good.

  • QUIZ KID - Works just fine for me

    I read all the star ratings for this machine. It has more than a few negative ones but for the price I gave it a

  • Andrea Hunt - Great Skin System

    This skin system really worked well for me. I found that it dried out my skin if I used it twice a day, so I switched to using it once and the dryness stopped. It's much cheaper than proactive and works well. I also found that I went through the renewing toner much faster than the cleanser and wash.

  • kerry bryant - Good, but short on achievments

    Better control than 09, and a few new features make it really hot really fast, but after about 3 weeks you relize youvé got all the achievments.

  • Amazon Customer - This is some of the best floss I've used

    This is some of the best floss I've used. While it grips well enough to remove anything between teeth, it is also nimble enough to get between tight contacts. I've used both the mint and coconut flavors but prefer the coconut. For anybody who is afraid the flavor will be overpowering...don't be. Both the mint and coconut flavors are very light. I absolutely recommend this floss! And I love the story behind it. I'll certainly be buying more when I run out.

  • Vivaldi - Does Not Clean Well

    After several years using this product, and it's cleaner/pads on the advice of the people who refinished our floors, recently when I had to clean up a spot using a paper towel for expediency, the result showed a lot of "dirt." I checked the rest of the floors, and found the same situation, which confirmed our recent suspicions. It does not clean well, in spite of also vacuuming prior to cleaning the floors as we were advised by the product's retailer.