Lingualis - Němčina a angličtina s rodilým mluvčím - Lingualis - Výuka němčiny a angličtiny s rodilým mluvčím, překlady a kontrola angličtiny a němčiny a jiné jazykově odborné služby.

  • Lingualis - Kurzy a konverzace s rodilým mluvčím - Jazykové kurzy a konverzace v němčině a angličtině s rodilou mluvčí v Brně nebo na Skypu.
  • Lingualis - Lisa Middelberg - Lisa Middelberg se zaměřuje na výuku němčiny a angličtiny jako rodilá mluvčí v Brně a okolí.
  • Lingualis - Kontakt - Výuka angličtiny a němčiny s rodilou mluvčí v Brně a okolí nebo na Skype. Soukromé i firemní kurzy, konverzace individuální i ve skupině. Překlady a korekce textů, webových prezentací apod.

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  • Amazon Customer - only one capsule at a time... nice

    Fast and easy solution when i need to increase my supply. shot of 5 stars because you can only take it with 2 oz of water and cannot drink anything before or after the pill for 15 min. I guess it is just how it works but I didn't know before purchasing.

  • Amazon Customer - Works as advertised, very satisfied with results.

    Product is not that easy to use and takes a little time and elbow grease, but it is very effective and you will be very surprised at how well it works. I would leave at least two hours, follow the instructions and watch the Video. Each step should be followed through, it will become easier once you understand why you are doing it, and see the results as you so (from first step to last your see results). If you need to try and fix a small part, you need sand or polish the entire Lens, start at top and work to bottom, otherwise you will have streaks.

  • Billy Muller - Love the look

    Love the look! When I first took it out of the package it looked too big but on the car it looks amazing, the only downside to the look is there is the double sided tape which you can see from the side, it's a faded grey, but unless you're aware it's there it's not noticeable. Now for the radio signal, it only takes out some of the am stations, but it's seems to leave the satellite radio and fm radio alone. I would recommend this if you hate having your car look like an RC car!

  • Sistalove - We both enjoy and love that we can read

    My husband loves the mag; he is an avid golfer. I am a neophyte golfer. We both enjoy and love that we can read, digitally.