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  • Jane Elizabeth - We'll worth the read

    I'm retired so my calendar is not an issue. Thinking of how to make my life more Christ like....very useful. For me the relationships and what season I'm I will be the parts I will start on. I've only been an active participating Christian for 3plus years.

  • Jameson C. Hogan - Fortunately a neighbor child saw it and brought it over

    Shipped without an exterior box, and a label just slapped on. Not ideal, especially in my neighborhood. Fortunately a neighbor child saw it and brought it over. That said, the product itself works very well, I'm already hooked. Water reservoir seems to be the perfect amount, always a bit left over. Haven't played with all of the picks yet but the jet is strong and fairly adjustable. Not terribly noisy. Wish the power cord were longer, but that's a factor of my bathroom layout as much as anything. Footprint is reasonable. Very satisfied.

  • Gustavo Orellana - A must for any serious computer user, protection is never underrated, however, it does have some problems.

    So far so good. Outperforms Norton, which is what I had before. I am running it in a Dell computer with an I-7 X980 6 core processor, 12 GB memory, Windows 7 Ultimate, and a RAID-1 configuration. Not a gaming system, this is a work computer, and Norton used to bog it down to the point that it took up to 5 minutes to start Excel and email processing became painful, not to mention that I had problems with the renewal last year and had no way to get my money back, Symantec's help desk is by far the worst that I have come across. I have not had to get support for Kaspersky, and I don't think I will as everything in my computer is working top notch. The protected Browser feature works very well, and in spite of some of the reviews I have read, the full system scan takes less than 20 minutes, Norton used to run for 2-1/2 hours.

  • Ms. C - Practical, Stylish, Carry-Everything Bag

    This bag arrived on my doorstep last week, and since then I have been carrying it to and from work every day. I was so happy I found this color in a size Small (it's sold out all over the internet and more expensive on the direct brand's website). I purchased this looking for a bag that would a) not ruin my back due the weight and b) fit my netbook and other graduate-school items such as textbooks, portable hard drive, etc. First of all, I can fit all of my textbooks, netbook, papers, cords, and other little things I used to keep in my purse, with enough room to shove my water bottle in on the side. When it rains, which it has several times this week, the water is completely repelled by the awesome "ballistic" material. When it stops raining, however, I can loosen both of the straps on the front flap and slide my umbrella perfectly along the bottom of the bag, pulling the straps a bit to make the fit tighter.

  • Brittany Wagers - Very satisfied

    This Acne Treatment cream works really well, it also does so without causing distress to your skin. I have been using this for a few weeks ( and so has my pre-teen ) for a few spot blemishes here and there. There is no redness, itching or irritating dryness caused by it. In fact it is quite soothing considering it is treating acne aggressively. I spot treat signs of acne and they are gone within 3 days. I was concerned initially with the packaging, but it seems that since this is the first batch there was errors in translation, that is why this batch is being sold for a cheaper price than they intended it to be. Now that I know that and have seen the full ingredient list I am not concerned and can definitely give it 5 stars. Onto scent - you would think that it would smell powerfully intense but it does not. It has a faint minty/menthol smell, but it is not overpowering. It also has hyaluronic acid, which is used for anti aging, so I really like this. The last few days I have been using this all over my face, but in a small amount along with my regular moisturizer ( I emulsify them both together ) and my face feels incredible and the minty sensation just gives it a great clean and fresh feeling. Disclosure: I received this product free / complimentary for product review and evaluation, but all opinions are my own and I rate my products based on my experience

  • E Chiantella - I have learned to love it. It has nice features that Norton does ...

    I have learned to love it. It has nice features that Norton does not as the paper ripper. I love the fact it also sends a message what