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  • A. Thompson - The World Ends and We Find Safety

    I watched this video many times; I live the players, all of them and the scenery and their travels...It was exciting to see this version of the end of the world: this country, other countries and all these people embarking on an unknown journey to safety. This was a great movie.

  • aaron f. - Tastes horrible!

    This product, while boasting a wonderful non-soy based protein and all kinds of amino acids, has the taste of vitamins when chewed. It leaves a horrible aftertaste and has to be consumed quickly or you won't want to keep it down.

  • Ron Seal - Does exactly what it says on the tin!

    Bought Mrs Seal a tin of My New Pink Button for her birthday. She was over the moon, it was as easy to apply as a new coat of creosote to the shed, and all most as much fun too. Her freshly painted poonani now looks less like a badly packed kebab and more like a more a newly budding rose.

  • Frank R. Heinsohn - Fantastic!

    Vendor delivered a head of schedule. Book is an easy read chock full of information for an aspiring sole practitioner (and of course required reading for my summer class). It will help me set up my practice in Colorado as I seek to help fellow Iraq/Afghan veterans and families as well as incarcerated veterans wrongfully accused/convicted. Thank you... . Frank

  • mom of three - Approve of the Formulation, GREAT Product!

    Very happy that there is a product out there specific to teens! As a Certified Herbalist, I am very happy with the formula of this vitamin. One daily dose is 3 tablets per day, so dose can be slightly adjusted for smaller teens if needed. I notice overall wellness, and better attention and focus in me 14 year old when he takes these on a regular basis. Will mention it to other families with teens in a heart-beat!

  • Pablo A. Campos - I don't recommend

    Hi - I bought these in hopes of relieving golfer's elbow in my left arm. I'd put these on my forearm area and then go have a golf lesson or go hit a bucket of balls. Well by the time I would finish, the skin would be on fire, and taking it off was like removing duct tape off of a hairy mans leg. VERY painful. My skin would remain red and sore for awhile. After about 3-4 times using them, I had to return them. It is possible if you use them on tougher not so sensitive skin that they would do what your looking for. But for sensitive area's like forearms, or neck etc, I do NOT recommend them.

  • Penne Woodard - I did notice a change in my digestive system but ...

    I did notice a change in my digestive system but no more energy and I actually gained several pounds! I can get a regular probiotic for the digestive system w/o caffeine and high price!