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  • Speck2 - Includes Payroll Service for 1 Employee... Not 3 As In The Past

    I just discovered upon activating my payroll service that this only includes payroll service for 1 employee now. Every previous version of this software bundle included 3 employees. Deceitful tactics in my opinion. Other than that I do not notice any major changes from 2013. At the end of the day this is still cheaper than buying payroll service key alone.

  • JerriD - A product that delivers as promised

    My dog (an American Pit Bull Terrier) has had some skin issues over the last year that we believe to be from nerves and an allergy she developed. We've finally found an appropriate feed and have alleviated much of the stress, but her coat is still a mess. I got this shampoo in the hopes of helping with her skin and coat.

  • Nicole D. Hartsell - Extremely dissapointed.

    I expected a lot more from Just Dance and was excited about the transition from the Wii. I purchased Dance Central 1, 2, and 3 when I got the connect and at first was aggravated with getting used to the hand gesture to get through the menu but that can be overridden with the remote if you need to. The Just Dance 2014 menu is really annoying and isn't smooth. You have to skip full sections and hover over songs to hear samples without hovering too long and selecting them, if you do that you have to go back to the main menu to see the next song. I also found it helps when the other person you're playing with isn't dancing around like a goof ball when you're trying to make selections as it confuses the game. Anyway, back on track, those games allow you to import all the songs from all the games that you purchased for like $5 which was amazing and it raised my expectations for Just Dance, after all if you can do that why wouldn't you? Well you can't I would have repurchased my previous Just Dance games for that feature since they were Wii and not Xbox. I loved Just Dance 2 and 3, songs were fun and varied and you unlocked more as you went. The song list for 2014 sucks big time. Some of it is just ridiculous there's only like 3 songs I don't mind dancing to and I have yet to find how to unlock new songs only different versions of the same songs without using credits to purchase songs. There's some kind of new credit feature to the game where you earn credits and choose stuff to unlock based on how many it takes to unlock them. This is annoying. Just rate how valuable stuff is and as I play level me up and unlock stuff. Picking and choosing is just teasing when this isn't a strategy game where I need to choose between unlocking a stronger weapon, a stronger shield, or the length of time in which my enemies are stunned. The video feature where it captures you dancing and you can upload it later is extremely unnecessary. Dance Central has a free style section where you can do that but you can turn it off. I have not yet found a way to turn Just Dance's potential facebook black mail feature off. Really? Who wants every sweaty moment documented and posted? I was so looking forward to this game and loved JD3 but if this is the direction they're going in I can certainly live without any more Just Dances. In terms of value if I knew then what I know now, I would have spent, at most, a $5 rental fee for curiosities sake but if you're not curious it isn't worth the shelf space it takes up in my tv room. I'm going back to Dance Central. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell there are no plans for a new Dance Central so unless some other company steps up or JD fixes their direction I'll just be dance to the same songs and going to Zumba. I had hoped this game would bring more fun to my parties which always turn into dancing competitions but it was a total buzz kill until we went back to Dance Central 3. I'll update this if I find something else out about the game that is actually good.

  • Mark Spangler - Highly recommended after 2 years use with no issues


  • Scrupulous - necessary product, RIDICULOUS price!

    Giving 3-star because, while the BOB stroller and adapter share fantastic quality and fitment, the price associated with this add-on is ridiculous considering. The baby product market is absurdly priced as is, but BOB makes no effort to ease one's financial burden with a ~$60 adapter, meant to house an over-priced seat, in a stroller with a tag not far beneath a mortgage payment! If I didn't love my kid so much, I'd almost be afraid to push thing financial behemoth around for fear of depreciation! (...would love to know what margins these companies are making on such items)