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  • Matt H. - Good bike but poor service

    I was very displeased with this purchase. The bike arrived well after the 3-5 days promised, even accounting for holidays (ordered Dec 23, arrived january 6) and many of the cables and other components came mal-adjusted. The cables around the handlebars took a lot of creative yoga to get untangled and get into the right places.

  • Victoria - Notice a difference in my nails

    I take one a day before bed (it recommends taking two a day) and definitely notice a difference in the strength of my nails. They also grow much more quickly now. I have long hair so it will take a while to establish how much these softgels help my hair quality but given the improvements in my nails I am going to continue to use them religiously.

  • Patricia N. Jenkins - Awesome review guide

    I bought this book to help with RN school. Wonderful guide to each system, with examples of NCLEX style questions! This book also shows you how to break down questions & determine what the question really is asking.