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Country:, Asia, TR

City: 29.0053 Istanbul, Turkey

  • Edward Guerrero - All that I hoped it would be

    Once I got past the name of the product, lol, I decided to give it a try since the standard antenna got in the way. the product came as promised. It was packaged well and of course an easy installation as I did so after sundown in the driveway. Would recommend the product and this company any time. Thank you, Edward

  • JohanP - They work

    I love this product, I havent weight my self yet but I know i lost inches... I bought a dress size 10 for a wedding knowing I was a size 12 but i felt I could loose the (freshly put on baby weight). I tried for 6 months with phentermine and nothing. Finally a friend told me about this pills about a month ago and wedding is this sunday and I fit on my dress. I have been drinking more water, I havent been as hungry and sometime I get little burst of energy but it goes away pretty fast. so far happy with my purchase

  • W. Fisher - Import From PDF Worked Perfectly

    A note for prospective converts from TT... I just finished installing TaxAct and using the "import from PDF" function on the *PDF* file I generated last year with TT_2013. I was concerned about whether to even bother trying to import info from a PDF, especially considering the reports of errors from other reviewers (I note that many of them are suspiciously vague). The ability to import my previous year's data has been a major factor keeping me stuck with Intuit's (ever-more dumbed down, expensive and bloated) software.

  • Ninive - This cause me my perfect skin. I started itching and breaking out everywhere ...

    This cause me my perfect skin. I started itching and breaking out everywhere as soon as it entered my system. And this isn't due to biotin as some people claim because I previously use it with no problem.

  • William Hayes - a poor to fair abstract of earlier programs

    As a purchaser of several earlier versions of this same program from 2006-2010 earlier programs had many capabillities that has been omitted in this 2013 version. You cannot insert a thumbnail, address box or other information availiable in earlier versions of the same program.

  • jayuinhan - more than a year

    i remember i was so excited to have this wonderful service at first. but realized the reception is sooo poor, so barely use it.