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    Country:, Europe, CZ

    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Sonya Atkinson - 2013 ICD 9 CM

    Wonderful and far passed what I had expected. I am thrilled. Thank you, you have made my studies possible with this purchase.

  • Ski-ball - Amazon reviewers can be crazy sometimes.

    The costume is fine. I detect no overpowering "chemical smell". So don't worry about that. It is a cheap Halloween costume that will survive for an additional few months for dress up play.

  • MaxScrutinizer - Good ol' Johnny Green

    I bought the product even though there were several derogatory reviews. I planted the seed with a hand operated spreader and watered it. Planted it in the 3rd week of October. We got a couple of rains in the next 3 weeks, four to be exact, and here came the grass. I had some real bad spots about the size of a car or a little bigger so you definitely knew there was no grass. Now almost a month later you can hardly tell that the dead spots are there. Once all the dead grass is gone the spots will be gone. It took longer for the grass to come up closer to the house as it does not get much sun. But it is still growing there as well. I had to run the mower over it to get the leaves up a couple of times so it was not 3 inches tall for the first mowing. Probably only an inch. I don't think I have killed any of it yet. Worked great for me! I guess ya just gotta be smarter than the grass seed.

  • Sj115 - Super disappointed. I just had to order another brand ...

    I am almost done with this whole bottle and it did nothing for my milk production. Super disappointed. I just had to order another brand to try out. The pills also felt like they were stuck/lodged in my throat for some reason regardless of how much water I drank with it.

  • George Barquin - Buggy Program (AGAIN!!!)

    I don't know why I always bother to upgrade every year. Always the releases are too early and buggy. Many of the same issues I had with last year's version. The reports, particularly the ones I took many hours to customize are not working. Reports for Actual v. Budget (the ones that come stock) do not work.... Fills in my budget amounts, but displays NOTHING in actual? WTF??? Setup for the Quicken 2014 App was a huge pain in the a$$. Alot of difficulties connecting to several of my financial institutions. After 2 hours of install, uninstall, activate, deactivate, change logins, etc..... I finally got it to work. And I really don't know why, personally I think the app is a waste of time. Considering the app is a big feature for the upgrade, I would advise most not to waste money on this upgrade.

  • MarkStan - Good backup program

    Good backup program. This is the second version I have purchased and while the program works well, the instructions on how to use the program have gotten vague and confusing.