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  • Ladd Anderson - IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP!

    Don't make the critical mistake I did after my fishing boat capsized, and MAKE SURE THE REST OF TOOL IS COMPLETELY CLOSED BEFORE ACTIVATING THE INFLATABLE LIFE RAFT FUNCTION!

  • John Williams - My Miracle Bottle

    I had lived on Celebrex for years because of disc in my neck. Have had 3 surgeries and now have mostly metal in my neck. Slowly my body at 63 is struggling with arthritis, bad kness and hands.... Then there is a problem called "feet". I have been on ArthriD3 for 3 weeks and so very, very thankful for this RELIEF!!!! I would recommend this to anyone. Just about to go online and order more.

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    This product smoothed my wrinkled neck quite a bit, almost immediately, but turned it bright red and very itchy. It took at least 2 weeks before the redness and itching subsided. Looked like I had a very bad sunburn, plus lots of itching. Too bad, as nothing smoothed my neck wrinkles like this product did.

  • W. Robinson - Great system

    This is a fabulous system. I've used Microsoft's Streets and Trips for years including trips from Vancouver, BC to St. John's Nfld. and Boston, Ma and back. Then I just finished a trip to the Florida Keys using DeLorme. No comparison.

  • Alyson - Beautiful

    This was a birthday present for my 6 year old. She was so happy, this Barbie is beautiful and her dress is so fluffy. Packaging was very pretty and it comes with a nice doll stand as well.

  • Troy Powell - Her beautiful voice really shines through on this album

    Her beautiful voice really shines through on this album. It doesn't have the usual dance hits but it shows her artistic growth. Great album?