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  • R. Stauffer - Fantastic Book

    As a 20 year old Harry Potter fanatic (and I say that proudly), I have to say this is an excellent book. Many people have commented on the lack of pictures and to that I say, from a fan's point of view, I was not at all disappointed by this. Fans of Harry Potter don't want authentic looking books with plain pictures in them, we want moving photos to look at. Due to the fact that Ms. Bucholz is not a witch, we can all understand why this was not feasible. Also, I do respect that some of the Brits who have written reviews were a bit irritated to find that many of the recipes that were supposed to be magical for them were rather ordinary (such as the steak and kidney pie). However, for many of us Americans, these are not regular dishes and while we may not wake up in the morning thinking "I want some authentic British steak and kidney pie", we might wake up and decide, "I want to scarf down some Steak and Kidney pie like Ron Weasley". I loved the way the recipes were anchored in when they were mentioned in the books. I also loved some of the creative liberties the author took in deciding certain recipes for foods not explicitly explained in the book, such as the four scrumptious cakes Harry received for his birthday. This book was a fun read, looks great on your cookbook shelf OR your Harry Potter fan shelf (I know I have one), and I'd recommend it to everyone who has a little magic in them.

  • George T. Chen - I've been purchasing Just Dance annually since the first one ...

    I've been purchasing Just Dance annually since the first one several years ago. In general, they've been improving each year, although some of the interface choices have been hit-or-miss. However, the 2015 edition has some very serious bugs. I did a comparison to 2014 and the 2015 has technical glitches. The system pauses mid-action, sometimes for several seconds. On at least a half dozen occasions, it completely froze. Not the Wii -- I could still hit the home button and get to the reset-the-game mode, but in-game was locked out.

  • Natalie - Loved this drink

    Loved this drink! The taste is so yummy, and it helped curb my hunger too! I am glad I tryed it and will be purchasing more soon!!

  • MomMoore - Clean. Bright. Smooth. Love this Facial Cleanser.

    I have been using this Vitamin C face cleanser for several days now and have to share my love for this beauty product. I wash my face morning and night. Often, my face ends up dry from washing it twice a day, but if I do not wash it twice a day then my forehead becomes oily by the end of the day. I am definitely a combination skin type. Since I have been using this facial cleanser, my face is not dry or oily. Rather, my face feels very smooth after using the facial cleanser and remains smooth the entire day. I have also noticed that my skin complexion is brighter along with being more smooth. I typically use products for sensitive skin because I am prone to breakouts with products that use dyes or perfumes. This product is gentle on my skin and has caused no irritations. This facial cleanser also has a refreshing smell that is not overpowering and also has not caused any skin irritations. I was able to purchase this product at a discounted price. I am very pleased with how clean my skin feels after using it, the balance it is providing in that my face is not drying out and not oily by the end of the day, I have had no breakouts or irritations with using it since it is truly a mild and gently facial cleanser, and the brightness I have noticed in my complexion since using the cleanser is remarkable. I highly recommend giving this facial cleanser a try. I love nothing more than a good beauty product at a reasonable price.