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  • shoe - You will not get your money back if returned!!!!!!!

    All the bad reviews are true. I usually never comment when I am dissatisfied with a product but I had to say something. I was extremely careful and delicate with the the machine. In one night I realized it was not for me. The tones did not match my skin. I returned the machine after 1 week. 2 weeks passed an I had not received a credit. I called customer service and the promptly told me I would not receive my $49.00 back cause there was a scratch on the stylus. THAT IS A LIE AN THIS IS A BOGUS RIP OFF COMPANY AND I HOPE THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS SOON.

  • Nancy Doyle - Taking charge of my health

    The facts that I have been finding in this book are life and health revelation for me. I have learned how diseases are caused by deficiencies of minerals. Dr. Wallach states ie. arthritis is a deficiency of calcium/phosphorous ratio. Something so simple than taking something that just masks pain. I am believer that I can heal my body. What I need is to find solutions to help me create that response. I have helped myself considerably with my health. And "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" is one of them.

  • Julian Wayland - Bad reaction to Invati products

    I started using Aveda hair thinning products shampoo and revitalizer after using Wen products with tea tree oil for a year. My hair looked very healthy.. Although I have fine hair and it tends to look thinner in the winter months, it usually fills out by summer. My hair was shiny and silky until I used the Invati line of products. My hair is now quite thin on top. First my scalp got hot all overit , then got red bumps all over the scalp, then the worst case of dandruff was the end result. My hair and scalp has never recovered from this reaction to these invati products. Just a warning - and I heard from an Aveda hairdresser that I am not the first person she has heard this from. Apparently the turmeric may be too strong for the sensitive types.

  • Computerboy - Is this stuff for real!!!?

    Got a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor that I wet sanded with 3,000, then buffed out with Maguire's 105, then polished with Maguire's 205, then drenched in Turtle Wax ICE! I got a jug of this Turtle Zip Wax and the car shines like never before! What the heck is in this stuff??? You just mix it with water, wash the car as usual, and the darn thing is shining like there is no tomorrow! I am a little concerned about it building up on the windows, but so far, so good, and it's been raining like crazy and no spots or wiper chatter. A miracle! No more expensive and fancy pants car washes for me!

  • Amazon Customer - Great Product!

    My expectations were met. Item was delivered on time. The stores cant keep this item on the shelf because it works so well. I was so happy that I was able to purchase this from amazon.

  • Cenntenial - Doesn't work and at only 2 oz per container its very expensive!!!

    This has to be one of the biggest disappointments in health and beauty products that I have come across. This serum didn't work for me since I still continued to see razor bumps and ingrown hairs even after 2 weeks of trying it on I am very disappointed. Not only that, but this product is very expensive starting at $20 and more online and only get 2 oz or what appears to be nothing more that sugar, water and food coloring mixed together. I have tried other products which work much better like Tend Skin and Min New York Solution two, both just as pricy as this product, but the other ones at least do what they say. Don't spend your time and money on this lame product do your research first on something else.