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  • Maureen - Was not computer compatible

    We had our tv for 4 years and were happy with it. Then we did a netflix streaming account and hooked up the laptop to the tv via the vga cable, as the directions in the manual tell you to. The next day the tv was dead. After a lot of on-line searching I found out this was a defect in their earlier tvs that hundreds of element tv owners have posted about online. I tried 4 different contact numbers that I found online--as the the manual has not contact info, but there is no number to call and talk to someone, only email. They still have not responded. There should be a class action lawsuit on this. They know their tvs were defective and are not taking care of the problem.

  • thekuan - Perfect, only one minor complaint

    It's simple to use, it's VERY compact (I live in a walking town where we carry most of our stuff rather than drive) and so that's a huge bonus.

  • P. Sexton - Coverage areas aren't real and Customer Service is poor!

    I bought one of these (not from Amazon) a bit over a month ago. Tried and tried to get internet access, driving to locations somewhat nearby my home. No luck. Finally called and FP said that the device wasn't for access in my location. (Although their coverage area supposedly did.) The tech told me to return it. (Or pay them $60 for a different one.) I returned it. Two days later I was billed $27.98 for service. Made every effort to get them to tell me why they refused to refund the charge. Finally gave up and am having my credit card company get the money back.

  • E D H - The taste is great! I mixed it right in with water and ...

    This drink is exactly what I was looking for in a nursing support product. Not only is it delicious, it really seemed to help encourage my supply on days that seemed a little low.

  • Winnie Magill - ... am the dog mom of 3 dogs and I like to use quality products on their fur

    I am the dog mom of 3 dogs and I like to use quality products on their fur. My oldest dog has issues with dry skin and irritation that causes her to scratch or gnaw on herself constantly. I have tried multiple shampoo's on her to help her feel better, but it seems that everything I have tried hasn't given her much relief. I washed her with this shampoo and I noticed that she hasn't been scratching or gnawing on herself regularly. Her skin is starting to clear up in the areas where she was constantly chewing as well. We haven't had much trouble out of fleas this year, but there are a few that get on all three of my dogs. When I bathed them I noticed that the few fleas that were on them fell off in the water and they were dead. It's great to have a natural flea remover instead of having to wash them in a ton of chemical laced shampoo to get them off of them.