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한국신약개발연구조합 (KDRA - Korea Drug Research Assocoation) - 한국신약개발연구조합(KRDA - Korea Drug Research Assocoation)는 혁신 제약산업계(제약기업 및 바이오테크기업)의 연구개발 총괄조정 대표 단체로서 물질특허제도 도입에 대비하여 대한민국의 글로벌 신약개발을 통하여 국내 내수 중심기업을 거대 다국적제약기업으로 육성하는 것을 목표로 설립되었습니다. 또한 의약분야의 산업기술에 대한 연구개발 선진기술의 도입 및 보급 등을 협동적으로 수행함으로써 의약산업기술 향상을 통하여 국민경제 발전에 이바지하는 것을 목적으로 하고 있습니다. 주요사업으로는 연구개발인큐베이션 및 프로젝트 지원사업(정부부처 연구기획 및 연구지원), 대정부 건의/자문 사업, 조사/연구사업, 교육/연수사업(고용노동부 인력양성 지정기관), 정보지원사업, 출판사업, 홍보사업, 제약산업기술거래센터(PTBC) 운영 및 기술거래사업, 시상운영사업 (대한민국신약개발상, 신약개발우수책임자/연구자상), 전문커뮤니티 운영사업 (제약개발연구회, 원료의약품 연구회, 의약분석연구회, 천연물의약품연구회, 제약생산기술연구회), 정책기구 운영 및 정책연구사업(혁신정책연구센터, InnoPol), 통계사업 (R&D백서 발간 외) 등입니다.

Country:, Asia, KR

City: 126.9741 , Republic of Korea

  • Nick Hesterly - I can already tell you this is my new favorite tea! At first I was worried the bags ...

    Without it saying #1 Rated, I can already tell you this is my new favorite tea! At first I was worried the bags aren't individually sealed but it's not going to last me long. I know I love a tea if I drink it all up. I have other teas where a bag or two seem to float around endlessly. I can't get enough of this stuff! It recommends 1 tea bag for a 6oz cup. My cup is well over 8oz full and the bag lasted a second good steeping. The second cup was very nearly as strong as the first. It's so pleasant tasting and I feel like I'm getting a good value. I'm also drinking a ton of water which in itself is a minor miracle. The flavor is naturally sweet so I didn't need to add a single thing. The bags are really nice quality almost like an organza fabric. I didn't have any trouble with strings or tabs coming loose. The leaves are so colorful and vibrant with bright green and pinkish purple specks. They are definitely caffeinated as I feel very peppy afterward. The list of benefits go on and on. Yes, I would love a more clear complexion, stronger immune system, and better digestion. Sign me up! It's so enjoyable too unlike pills or supplements. It's a refreshment that's doing my body a favor. I purchased my first pack at a discounted rate for testing purposes and now I'm hooked.

  • Liberty - Super bright and the way the turn signals work is ...

    Absolutely incredible light! Super bright and the way the turn signals work is amazing! A must buy if you have an FZ09

  • Jan E. - A *Tad* Over The Top, But Great Product

    We needed a new blender. I use one, regularly about three times a week, for two things: thick smoothies (no ice) and making hummus. Hubby talked me into going "all in" and getting this set, and I felt like a sucker once it got here. Really? Our household of two needs 2 HP to make smoothies and hummus? But after using it, I am very pleased. Handles THICK smoothies no problem in the single-serve doohickey, and the processor bowl made two cups of great (again) THICK hummus with only two scrapedowns. I gave it 4 rather than 5 stars simply because I don't know yet how it holds up in the long run.

  • apenname - I said it so it must be true

    Good information in general. I recommended viewing additional opinions on the subject of DHEA. Very seldom is it prudent to accept one source as the final say on anything.