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  • My Handle - Great for fungal skin infection for my dog!

    This shampoo works, but it requires that the dog gets no less than two baths per week and allow the shampoo to remain on the dog for at least ten minutes. My dog's who had a serious underbelly and upper torso fungal infection, was healed using this mediated shampoo. I still use it, but only once a week or so for "maintenance".

  • Xexile - Key board issue, the rest is perfect.

    I am favor to Adriod (Google) phones. I have switch between IPhone and Samsung. At this stage, I really like the design and high end capacity of 7 plus.

  • Mike - Great for small leaks!!!!!

    This works great. I can say I was super confident this would work, I had a oil leak from my timing belt cover. I said hey its only a few bucks, might as well give it a try. They cost to reseal the cover would have been almost $1000. But man did this work This stuff stopped that leak and I have NO issues with oil leaking. I used it over 10k miles ago and it is still holding up. I did even use the whole bottle, only a little bit. I cannot recommend this stuff enough! It is totally work giving it a try