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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.6449 Kansas, United States

  • Aniruddha Barapatre - Superior A+ product.

    Great product. Bought it for lifting weights as my hands get sweaty and bar rolls out. Used few times so far now and each time this product holds up.

  • Howard Goodknight - Pretty Cool

    I've only use this for about a week, but so far it works perfectly. Despite the reviews I read and the unboxings I watched, it is surprisingly quiet. I have yet to have any use for the Bluetooth, so I haven't had any issues with WiFi slow down, I use a 2.4Ghz USB 2.0 wireless chat pad, and a USB 2.0 4 port hub, which work just fine. I had an initial issue with powering the device from the USB port on my TV, I ended up having to use the adapter that came with it. If all you are wanting is a device to surf the internet, watch Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube, on your TV, this will not disappoint you. However if you are looking for a good PC, for the price, you would honestly be better of buying an HP Steam or similar device, in my opinion.

  • Warren Weissman - Good thing for my backup and older laptop

    Beware!!!!!!! A key Feature of this Product does not work "EDIT WRAP POINTS" Don't transfer ANYTHING from Publisher 2007 & 2010 into Publisher 2013 it will disable all of your EDIT WRAP POINT work !!! I found out the hard way. Good thing for my backup and older laptop. Edit Wrap Points is a great feature hope they fix it in future version. I'm sure a fix is in the works but until than look for an older version 2007 & 2010 both work on windows 8. You can run multiple versions of publisher on windows 8. Use advanced settings to enable Publisher 2013 and load 2010 or 2007. I am going to refund and use the old version on the old laptop for now. otherwise it seems publisher 2013 works as well with some nice new features !

  • vidd - Expect to take 15 minutes just to register and create a Microsoft account

    Expect to take 15 minutes just to register and create a Microsoft account. Another way to track your use, limit your installation to one time on one computer. Near impossible to reinstall on same computer if you have to reinstall Windows for whatever reason. Microsoft will likely be requiring all users to pay per month to use the next version of Office.

  • Ray Staton - Super Infuser Bottle

    My infuser bottle arrived securely packaged and in perfect condition. The bottle is superbly made. It's evident that much craftmanship went into the fabrication of this bottle. The bottle feels good in the hand. It's not flimsy, and feels exactly the right weight. The bottle is easy to use, and does a great job of infusing the fruit flavors into the water. I put a little crushed ice in the bottom of mine for colder water. This is the perfect bottle for anyone who's interested in adding a bit of flavor to their water.

  • Juan - Great size and very easy to use

    camera. It is capable of recording in both full HD and HD. The picture quality in both modes is excellent but the full HD mode does consume memory at a signficant rate. It also makes the files large and difficult to share. Personally I have found HD sufficient for most occasions so far and tend to keep the camera in that mode. However for those want a full HD experience the camera is great, just remember some extra memory cards. In full HD mode you get roughly 7 min per GB of disk space or 1 hour per 8GB. In HD mode you get roughly 4 times the recording time per GB.

  • Deal Finder - Well worth the asking price

    I bought the Rocksmith 2014 edition for the Playstation 4 and it far exceeds my expectations. Very fluid with no lag time. This game makes you want to practice your guitar. I actually bought this for my son and he loves it so I will have to buy another for the PS3 platform. The only con if you can call it that is the song list. I listen to Classic Rock and I think it has alot of Alternative rock but you can also download more songs. This game is well worth the asking price and even more. Who doesn't want to learn how to play an electric guitar. Thanks!