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  • jmajerle - Handle problems for RTIC 30 oz Tumbler

    It's wonderful to have a handle for this great tumbler, but--- the cup doesn't set down far enough into the cup holder in the golf cart or car.

  • Amazon Customer - It tastes great and keeps me full through a long morning and ...

    I drink this almost every morning for breakfast. I keep it at my desk and use my blender bottle. I drop in two scoops and an ice cube and shake until blended. It tastes great and keeps me full through a long morning and my afternoon, pre-lunch workout. Depending on my day, I'l have a second shake for lunch if I'm on the move.

  • BB195 - Kenzo Jungle!

    It is really nice, not too strong or sweet just perfect! I use another perfume by Kenzo: Flower. Which is my all time favorite!

  • lldygrdn - Hair Loss

    I've been giving this a try and my hair loss has lessened. The product arrived in a timely manner, was packaged well, and was as presented.

  • Jass - They're easy to swallow & they do the job

    My hair has grown so much when I used this product. The only con I have is that you break out the first 3 weeks if you dont drink an average of 3 or 4 bottles of water a day. Break out is a result from your body getting used to the product, so it goes away after a few weeks. They're easy to swallow & they do the job, just drink water daily.Also you wont see immediate results, I saw noticeable results in my hair regarding health, but length came for me in about two months.

  • Happy - Life saver indeed.

    I wish I had known about this years ago. I suffered through all kinds of female symptoms: fibroids, cysts, extreme PMS moodswings, low energy, extreme painful periods with heavy bleeding. From the 1. day I took 2kps. of Serrapeptase my energy enhanced so much, that I started running again. My mood is great, no PMS at all, my breasts are soft, no cysts, no pain in my pelvic area so far. I did not change my diet. I feel amazing. Even my skin looks smoother then before. I will get an ultrasound of my fibroids in a month- and I am super curious if they are gone. I am so amazed that there is something that helps. My gynecologist recommended the pill for heavy bleeding- I had so many issues with it that I had to stop it. I take Serrakinase in the morning, because it gives me such a boost of energy, that I could not sleep at night. And I take Nattokinase at night to support with blood circulation. I highly recommend it to all the women out there with the same issues.

  • Amazon Customer - Gambled and lost

    Easy install late last March 2012 into my 05 Tundra which I drive to work every day in June and July and only twice a week the rest of the year. Worked great until Oct 30th - now graveyard dead!!! Wondered at the time and again when it arrived if I would have been better off with another solution - yep, should have bought a new stereo and sold my old one-bay to offset the cost