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Against Avelox - If It Came From A Casandra, The Generic Quality Of Life, Physicians Rationale On Using Antibiotics As Well Tolerated And Has Weaker Coverage Against Bacteria.

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  • applegeek - The only glass cleaner you should buy

    I've been using this stuff for years, and i've have never used anything that did such a good job with no streaking. One trick you probably know is using wadded up newspaper as your cloth, its abrasive, doesn't leave lint, and never any streaks.

  • Mark - Seems to help

    Compared to only watching what I eat w/o any supplement, the CLA seems to help with weight loss, and I have been consistently losing several pounds per month. Might all be in my head - maybe it just reminds be to eat healthier, but I'm not going to argue with the results!

  • Amazon Customer - Great Investment!

    Enjoying a whole bunch of past and current TV shows, and movies, too, that I normally don't get to watch because of a not-so smart TV with just basic cable. I've already made my money back just from what I've watched in the past month... and need to say something about the remote for this android box - it's awesome! The mini-keyboard on the back makes it so much easier to surf the internet and conduct searches. A friend who has a different brand box is jealous of my remote. Wish I learned about this sooner.