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  • Chris C - Our draft was a great success

    This kit was great. The stickers were really up to date (Alfred Blue was included and it was only a couple days after the Foster injury in pre season). Thanks for helping our draft run so smoothly!

  • Tilda V. - amazing product, still can't believe this is working

    well i was very skiptical that this would work, but wow! after 2 months i noticed a little perkiness, and now after 5 months my butt is def bigger. still can't believe a cream is really doing this! crazyness!

  • 801Jones - Not perfect, but an excellent value for the money.

    This is one heck of a deal. This bike is very light, well built and it seems like it will last for many years. I also had it professionally assembled by Bike Teacher (service provider here on Amazon who services the South Bay Area of California). A couple of notes you should know though: The brake cable in the front came too short from the factory which when tightened made it not very safe and hard to adjust the handlebars. Luckily the service provider was able to extend this for me. Also, the reflectors were not big enough to clasp around the bike... Why they would include reflectors that don't fit the bike is beyond me. Also, plan on upgrading the pedals, seat, and tires. I went with SPD pedals, Planet Bikes ARS saddle and GatorSkin Tires. After reading the reviews, I did not trust the tires that came with it so that was my first upgrade. I am planning to ride this to/from work and will update my review if my impression changes after a while but overall for <$500 on a high end road bike, you just can't beat this deal.

  • Retired Guy - Avast for free!

    For years, my son has scoffed at my quest for the best anti-virus software. As a computer tech and software engineer, he simply advised me to get Avast ASAP, and then made some other suggestions that I speak to elsewhere. Let me just say that download was a cinch, I set up automatic scans, and virus updates with no hassle. My own chats with people about anti virus software often leads me to say that I have Avast, which leads to nods of approval. Avast does not deluge me with reminders to renew or upgrade like other provider, and I am a happy camper.