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  • edward gannon - Dome cracks

    The NuWave oven cooks great but the dome is very cheaply made and cracks. After being on hold for 30 minutes their customer service representative told me that in order to get a new one under warranty I would have to pay shipping and handling for the new dome. I also was informed that because I did not buy the oven from them I would have to provide a purchase receipt even after having registered the product with them at time of purchase.

  • r.ruiz - The best detox tea on this planey!

    This is my all time favorite detox tea. Within a few hours of drinking this tea I feel the need /urge to drink water like a camel...and then? I'm flushing (see "peeing*) off bloat/water weight I didn't even know I had!

  • Lynn - HORRIBLE GPS TRACKER MORE THEN 150 MILES OFF !! Don't waste your money or time !

    Horrible !! I bought this watch for the purpose of the GPS tracker. After purchasing the $40/month plan with T-Mobile (do not know why the company states $5 plan because there is no such plan with t-mobile and you have to have the data plan for the watch to work the cheapest plan is $40/month) also t-mobile has very limited service in our state. Maybe good service in other states but not here but I knew that and wasn't too worried because where I needed the GPS to work was in the city where there is service. After driving to where I had service the GPS showed the watch being more then 3.5 HOURS away !! It was setting on my lap !! I drove the opposite direction for an hour and it still showed it being in same location which now was 4.5 hours away !! I could handle a few yards off but to be more then 150 miles off is really horrible !! I updated the firmware and the app and no change. Usually I always go by the reviews before purchasing any thing. This time I went against my better judgement and ignored all the bad reviews. I don't blame t-mobile for the GPS being off that is the manufacturing comPny of the watch ! Maybe it works great in China but not in the USA ! I hope that some one takes the advice of the reviews before purchasing this watch unless you just want an expensive toy. Now I have to return it wait till they receive the watch before I get a refund so I can purchase some thing else. Right now it's been extremely upsetting wasting so much money and to not have a GPS tracker I desperately need asap. For a GPS to be more then 150 miles off there is no excuse for that especially when it comes to protecting our children or in a life threatening issue when a child us lost. If you leave it to this GPS device a child would be dead before ever found !! Horrible excuse for a GPS tracker !! DISAPPOINTED !!