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  • Curt - Product works well, but be sure to get the right one!

    I've been using Internet Security 2013 for a month or so and feel it's been performing very well. I had been using McAfee Total Protection for a number of years, but switched to this product because I had read, and possibly observed, that that the Total Protection may have been slowing down my system (I can't verify this). The big caution here is to be sure you get the right product for your system. I made sure that the product was compatible with my Windows XP system, but was not aware that I needed to upgrade to Windows XP Service Pack 3 (from my existing SP-2) for it to work. I found this out the hard way after three days worth of extended phone calls to the tech support departments of both my computer company and McAfee, including the time and effort to upgrade to SP-3 as well as to Windows Internet Explorer 8. The amazingly low price of buying through Amazon, compared to nearly $100 to simply renew my existing product through McAfee, helped make it well worth the trouble.

  • Jwsamkim - Best facial hair remover available in stores today

    This is the best facial hair remover on the market. It is extremely easy to use and this kit last a long time. There is absolutely a smell however it is not overpowering at all. It is much milder than any of the other lotions or creams I've tried in the past. Considering it's an oil of Olay product, you really can't go wrong. I would highly recommend it. You won't be sorry

  • leishadaniel - and felt like I was living it with them

    Watched all 11 seasons in about 6 weeks, and felt like I was living it with them. A week after finishing season 11, I'm still devastated that they would kill Derek off so quickly and without much closure. I just kept praying that Merideth would wake up from her 5 o'clock 'freak out' and it would have all been just her thinking of the worst case scenario. I guess I still keep wishing it would happen, after all, we did go through a year and a half worth of time in a few short episodes, why not go backward too! Although it felt like the series would go on forever previously, now I'm not so sure. I don't think it will ever be the same, but I do still love most of the characters, so for me it's still worth watching for now...

  • Samantha T. - my mom started coming to my house on a daily basis towatch my one year old son for me

    I am a 4th year vet student. Some of my colleagues swear by this product, but I was skeptical. A few weeks ago, my mom started coming to my house on a daily basis to watch my one year old son for me. One of my cats was very upset with this arrangement and started peeing by my desk. It happened three times that I know of for sure. No medical reason to be found. I bought this, plugged it in (literally right next to the spot, it happened to be under an outlet), and between this diffuser and the spray (one spritz on the affected area once a day), not only did the urinating stop within 2-3 days, but the cat even seems more relaxed and happy. I am a believer. I even bought the multicat diffuser for their bedroom, to help increase the zen in that room.


    It really really is. I am purchasing each of these as they come out so my daughter will be interested in them in a few years. I have to say, they are so beautiful I am considering ordering a second set (one for me and one for her!). If you are a Potter fan, you will LOVE the illustrated editions. Jim Kay really brings the books to life with his beautiful illustrations.

  • raabana - Need Help!!

    I'm getting a NTWK_413 Network Error...downloaded just fine but unable to start install. Said Internet connection might not be available which is not true as I'm typing and surfing the net now. I even tried connecting to a different wifi and still getting the same error. Previous antivirus software was deinstalled. Clickec on help but it took me back to Amazon's Troubleshooting page...which is not very helpful. Another form of support available for this product???