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  • BoxReviews - Great For The Price

    The problem when using the water and ice function of refrigerator is that the filters require you to replace them quite often since they become less effective as the filter clogs up or degrades. The filter is a very important part of the refrigerator since it removes the large to small particles that are in the water. Some of the particles that it removes is rust from the pipes, heavy metals, and bacteria. One of the main reasons why these water filters become clogged is that the first layer of carbon filters the water too well. This will lead to the holes in the carbon blocks to get filled. In order to prevent this the carbon layers should remove particles in steps. Usually from larger to smaller.

  • phlrkl - ... preferable to those magnetic stick--on boxes which can be easily dislodged, or worse

    much preferable to those magnetic stick--on boxes which can be easily dislodged, or worse, found by someone else who then has access to your vehicle. this is secured to your vehicle and is locked in place; great to prevent accidental lock-outs

  • Amazon Customer - 2 tools in one!

    This is a wonderful invention. I bought 2 of these and made an extra long pole. (I kept the second head part as a backup) I use the extra long pole to easily clean any cobwebs from my ceilings. The pole is so light that it makes that job a snap! The I make the pole regular size again and store the other sweeper until I need the longer pole again. Very useful!

  • Ryan P. Long - My favorite running shoe for years

    I have been running in Nike Flex Run shoes for years now. In my view, these shoes provide the ultimate running experience. The reasons I prefer this shoe over any other are as follows:

  • David - Best printed edition . . . ever

    As a CPA, I've purchased a copy of JK Lasser every tax season for 10+ years for myself and the CPAs in the firm I co-locate with. I take the books to the local printer and have the back cut off and holes punched in the pages so they can be put in ring-binder notebooks. When clients call with questions, we pull appropriate pages from the book and provide the copies to answer their questions in order to provide a more comprehensive response than a phone call would allow.

  • ATG Amazon Squad - Excellent Value, quality product.

    This is a fantastic item for the price. For business I have traditionally used APC and Tripp-Lite as my brands of choice. When I needed to get something for my house, I was looking to save a little money.