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  • Alfred Mulle - This will do

    This is a great little booklet to keep the new National Park quarters. This will have to do until they come out with a nice display frame, just like they did with the US state quarter set.

  • genius - Do not buy it!

    Really horrible product! I am addicted to Seacret Minerals Peeling Gel and I was looking for a cheaper version of this product... So I found Vivo Per Lei. In fact, when Seacret really removes your dead skin cells, this one consists of some sticky liquid and you roll that liquid on your face... Very hard to use.... Even on the dry skin... Hard to take off your face... and it sticks to your skin like a glue... I have oily skin with clogged pores and can not really use any harsh scrubs because they hurt my skin. With a correct pealing gel (like the one I mentioned), you do not need to rub much - the dead skin comes off almost by itself... Sorry that this product is not a real pealing!

  • curlygirl - Picture doesn't tell the whole story

    I was very disappointed when this arrived. It is extremely thin and has an odd groove where the bottom meets the sidethat makes it unusable for bar cookies or sheet cakes. The only reason I kept it is because returning is a drill and my kids can use it for heating fish sticks and such.

  • K. James - Not Marketed Correctly

    Like several other reviewers have mentioned by now, I was under the impression that this book would be a psychological thriller. It wasn't. It read more like a romance novel, which is not what I was looking for. The author's writing style is great and enjoyable to read, but I feel like I've been deceived and let down. Kind of wish I would've picked another Kindle First book instead.

  • Datty - Great Moisturizer

    I use this in conjunction with The CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser at nights and I love it. Keeps the face smooth and moisturized and clear looking. Doesn't clog pores. It's NOT a super heavy moisturizer, it's very light, but even though it's light, it still makes the skin feel properly moisturized after application. This is perfect for summer nights, but for people with super dry skin, especially in the winter, I would advise you pair this up with a light skin oil to boost the moisture if this isn't heavy enough for you. During this harsh winter, I paired it up with Maracuja oil (patted it on over it) on super dry nights. If you're looking for a heavy moisturizer or even something that is super moisturizing for very thirsty skin, you may not want to get this. But if you are OK with a light moisturizer that soaks right into the skin giving just enough moisture and leaves no oily residue feeling, this is for you.

  • A. Wehner - Looks great, but man everyone wasn't lying about the brake ...

    Looks great, but man everyone wasn't lying about the brake part. THAT was frustrating. Doing it in the cold weather, it was tough. I don't feel right boiling it with it having aluminum, so I used mt hands and a screwdriver (it helps a lot). You're probably going to poke holes, but it won't prevent it from going on. At the top (wider part), there's a cut in for easier insert, so at the bottom, I had cut the corners so all four sides had a flap. It made it a lot easier. Gas pedal is simple. Maybe 20 seconds tops. Brake had me at 45 min to get it figured out. Screwdriver helps!!! Don't forget it.

  • Amazon Customer - Everything but the band is great

    MOOV Now Review Things I LOVE - the coaching & data! Wowza, the feedback about swim stroke & run cadence/impact is terrific. I can see this helping a lot to improve performance & fitness. The boxing! I'm going to have to buy another so I can do this part correctly (it requires 1 on each wrist). Did I mention the data!!! This is totally a geeks device. :-)