Institutul National de Sanatate Publica. - Acasa - Activitatea Institutului la nivel teritorial se realizeaza prin 4 centre nationale si 6 centre regionale de sanatate publica, organizate in structura acestuia, fara personalitate juridica.

Country:, Europe, RO

City: 25 , Romania

  • Carolyn Clune - Hair Root Lift

    I have used this product for a couple of years and just love it. I know I purchased it in a local store before, but can no longer find it and was so pleased to find it on Amazon. I ordered one bottle for my sister recently to try and she said it made a big difference in giving her hair body, I have plenty of hair but it is very fine and so I need this for body. It works just great. I put it on while before I blow dry my hair. I squirt it in my hand about 6 squirts and the rub them together and rub into my hair/scalp. Then I dry it. Makes a big difference and holds the style for a long time.

  • Natasha - Excellent choice

    If anybody is considering buying this Bridge Camera, I highly recommend it! It comes with an onboard microphone, which is very high quality and I personally use it for YouTube videos and record at 720p!

  • Brian Mason - Really disappointed

    MS Office 2013 is great for its familiarity but being limited to just three screen colors- white, light gray, & gray is atrocious. It is visually difficult to work with and hard on the eyes. Visually short-sighted

  • RickJP - It works. But, it may take more than one bottle.

    I have a 2007 Nissan Armada. My vehicle has 135,000 miles and has four catalytic converters; one at each exhaust manifold, and one downstream from those. About a month ago, I had the dealer replace the driver side cats, at a price tag of over $2000 (non-OEM parts). My dealer told me that if the driver side had gone, the passenger-side converters were very close to going as well. Sure enough, one week thereafter the passenger side cats started to show signs they were plugged up. At no time did I get a check engine light and no catalytic converter code before the driver side cats plugged up, and the truck had to be towed to the dealer. So, I did not expect the check engine light when the right side converters started showing they were plugged up.