Clinical Informatics Training Program - Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) Clinical Informatics ACGME Fellowship Training Program, Boston MA, Harvard Medical School

  • Overview | Clinical Informatics Training Program - The Division of Clinical Informatics has a rich educational offering for students and fellows. The Division runs an ACGME accredited fellowship program in clinical informatics, available for physicians who have completed a residency program and wish to specialize in informatics. 
  • History | Clinical Informatics Training Program - The Division of Clinical Informatics, created over 40 years ago by Drs. Howard Bleich and Warner Slack, was among the first academic divisions in the world to concentrate on the use of computers for patient care, teaching, and medical research. The goals of the Division have been to improve the quality and reduce the cost of medical care, to enhance the quality of medical education, to improve the relationship between doctor and patient, and to explore innovative approaches to research through computing.
  • Medical Students | Clinical Informatics Training Program - Division faculty teach and mentor medical students across all phases of their training. Division faculty welcome medical students during their elective time in their fourth or fifth years, as well as summer projects and Scholars in Medicine projects.
  • Programs For Industry | Clinical Informatics Training Program - The Division of Clinical Informatics is one of the oldest academic and research groups focused on the effective use of information and communication technologies in patient care. Our faculty has developed hospital-wide clinical computing systems at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Our faculty were the very first to engage patients in direct dialogue with computers and been building and evolving clinical decision support systems for four decades.
  • Getting Here | Clinical Informatics Training Program - Directions The Division of Clinical Informatics is located in Coolidge Corner, about one mile west of the Longwood Medical Area.
  • Supporting Decision Support - 2nd Year Fellow Dr. Mujeeb Basit Detects CDS Rule Failures | Clinical Informatics Training Program - At AMIA 2015, Dr. Mujeeb Basit presented his work on using data visualization to detect defects in clinical decision support rules. ---
  • Fellow Team Wins Brigham Open.Epic Hackathon | Clinical Informatics Training Program - Congrats to Dr. Mujeeb Basit and his team that won the most recent hackathon at BWH using open.epic.  The team drew from early work from Division co-founder Howard Bleich and created an application that helped interpret the complexities of arterial blood gas results using FHIR and Open Epic.  From MIT's Hacking Medicine ::
  • DCI Faculty speak at Primary Care Innovations Conference | Clinical Informatics Training Program - DCI chief Charlie Safran moderated a discussion with Dr. Brad Crotty (from DCI) and Dr. Tom Agresta, the informatics lead at the Connecticut Institute for Primary Care, on the role of technology in primary care improvement. Topics included patient-generated data, telemedicine and e-visits, and team-based communication. The panel reminded the audience that technology can not solve problems in process, and the group discussed how best to try and implement new technology in primary care delivery.
  • Dr. Safran Delivers Medical Grand Rounds on InfoSAGE - Healthware For Patients and Families | Clinical Informatics Training Program - Charlie Safran delivered medical grand rounds detailing InfoSAGE, and work towards providing informatics tools beyond the doctor and health system level to a community level. Dr. Safran was recently promoted to Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. 

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