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  • architect in CT - 2004LT user

    I have installed and used 2000LT and 2004LT for my business for years. Using the CD of 2014LT I have spent 5 hours so far trying to get it to install and launch. No go so far. Installed but won't launch. Contemplating uninstalling and starting over again, but it took multiple reboots to get the program to install after the first try produced a font error message (so I opted to abort the initial install to see what that was about). BIG MISTAKE. The pay per incident help route is a dead end; I get a "page not found" message. The Autodesk discussion groups are way over my head as they all seem to be IT folks, not architects. Not sure where I go from here!

  • Page McCarley - perfect size - best quality of key finders

    Love the new Design. While it's only a tad smaller, i tmakes a big difference. What sets tile apart is that these have much better connectivity compared to the other trakcing devices I have tried.

  • H. Collins - Satisfied ThreeLac User

    I am on my second order of Threelac. I have been suffering with Candida for over 20 years and more recently the problem has become systemic. I have taken all but a week's supply of the first order and have experienced increased energy, greater mental clarity and my toe nail infection is also showing signs of improvement. The product is easy to take: it is a powder and dissolves easily in water. Best of all the product has given me real hope for a return to good health.

  • Christina T. - Happy with product

    I started using Shredz For Women as a supplement for my weight loss efforts. My original goal was to lose 50lbs and I'm already half way there after about two months of use. Not too shabby! It really is great with fat burning and the results it promises are real. This thing works. I chose it over other products for two reasons: 1) because it has been specifically formulated for women and with the female body and metabolism in mind, so I felt I wanted something this specialized, and 2) because a coworker of mine had been using it with very good results, so I got to see how it worked with my own eyes before I ordered and started to use it myself. I have tried other products before with moderate or no success, so the fact that Shredz actually delivered in the fat burning department has been a very positive surprise for me. It is the best fat burning product I've used to date and I intend to continue with it. I am optimistic that I will manage to reach my slimming goal by the end of the summer.