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  • Ideal Medical Practices: Electronic health records as path to improved outcomes and lower costs is more hype than reality - In short, the most rigorous studies to date contradict the widely broadcast claims that the national investment in health IT—some $1 trillion will be spent, by our estimate—will pay off in reducing medical costs. Those studies that do claim savings...
  • Ideal Medical Practices: Typical Electronic Health Record Use in Primary Care Practices and the Quality of Diabetes Care: don't count your chickens - From the Annals of Family Medicine May/June 2012: In this longitudinal observational study of primary care practices, we found that practices using an EHR for a 3-year period had a poorer quality of diabetes care at baseline, did not make...
  • Ideal Medical Practices: Hospitals, Practice Administrators and Clinicians: You Gotta Learn to Love Patient Ratings – Health Affairs Blog - You are increasingly being held accountable for the outcomes of the health care you deliver. Pay for performance; shared savings in ACOs; public report cards…the list of strategies to monitor and measure the effects of your efforts is lengthening. Many...
  • Ideal Medical Practices: Breakthroughs in patient outcomes – helping people address lifestyle change and healthy behaviors - John emailed to say how happy he was for one of his patients with diabetes. The anecdote: “He rarely ever follows up with me and rarely ever gets his blood work done (I always have to beg his wife to...

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  • rmjab0 - A Bit Disappointed

    I bought the Back2Life in a last ditch effort to help my back. I've had lower back problems for years and it has gotten significantly worse in the past year. In December we bought a Sleep Number bed, and it didn't help a bit. The Back2Life didn't help either. I've been walking and doing back exercises prescribed by a physical therapist religiously every day since 2006. My chiropractor says its soft tissue and there really isn't anything I can do about it. He said that the Back2Life is really for people who aren't active and need the movement that the Back2Life provides. Since I am already walking and exercising, it really didn't help me a bit. I also have pretty bad vericose (not spider) veins and found that the Back2Life felt like it was cutting off the circulation in my legs behind my knees. I'm sure that the Back2Life could help some people, but it just wasn't for me. Amazon shipped my order promptly and handled my return with absolutely no problem at all. I would buy again from Amazon!

  • Matthew J. Rieder - Watch out for the micro usb port

    I searched on Amazon for quite a while before picking this tablet. It was a reasonably priced Android Marshmallow tablet with 2GZ of RAM. Instructions were minimal, but the setup program was clear enough to get things going. The size of the screen is great and installing apps is a breeze. The downsides are that the screen seems to be a bit dark even when adjusted to the brightest setting. When viewing a movie on Netflix, the night scenes are difficult to make out. The front facing camera is really fuzzy. I am also concerned that Marshmallow takes up half the RAM, leaving only 1GZ of RAM to run everything else. I would be tempted to give this only three stars, since the micro usb and brightness issues are particularly annoying. However, I realize that you get what you pay for, and the reasonable price offsets some of the faults. I paid $174.00 plus tax, while the unit was $159.00 on the Asus site. I don't know what Asus charges for shipping and tax. The price on Amazon went up $5.00 between the time I put it in my cart and checked out.

  • Patrick D - Great multi function thermometer

    This is a great thermometer. It can be used on either a forehead or an ear to measure temperature. The device operates on two (included) AAA batteries, and features an auto-off function. To use, simply place the sensor on your forehead, and press the top button. The device beeps when it reads your temperature. To use the in-ear mode, remove the plastic probe cover, insert in your ear, and press the bottom button. The device is very easy to use, and appears to be quite accurate. It also comes with a plastic storage tray.

  • N. Smith - Great everyday TV for most people!

    This is a nice set for the money. First you need to pair your remote to the TV. You can do this by setting the TV (plugging in/powering on) up first then putting in the batteries for the remote and it will auto-connect. If you (like me) place the batteries in before you set the TV up then you can sync them by pressing return and play/pause buttons for 3 seconds. You then pair all of your devices so that your remote works with them, however, I find that I prefer my X1 remote since I can use page up/down, sports app, recordings ect. It's just more convenient VS. the Samsung remote.

  • J. Thomas - Knees and Joints Ache??? This'll help...

    Great product that has done wonders for my knees. With three ACL repairs and one partial replacement on two knees...pain and snap-crackle-pop was an every day occurrence.

  • TomR - 5-Star so far... But full evaluation is pending

    Having been burnt with 'generic' cartridges, in recent years I've been using 'genuine HP' at twice the cost but for my home use they don't 'seem' to last that long... Thus I'm now onto a simple evaluation method: NUMBER OF PAGES PRINTED Vs TONER WEIGHT LOSS. In a PC's Control Panel one can go to printer properties and note the number of pages the device has printed thus far, so take note of that when inserting a new cartridge, etc. Then with a digital kitchen scale measure the cartridge weight.

  • nikolay paskal - ... using this now for 5 days my hair feels amazing to touch

    I have been using this now for 5 days my hair feels amazing to touch...I have tried so many different vitmins and such,this is by far the best results in such a short time honestly!!!...I deffinatly recommend this,the taste is honestly not that bad!