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  • sarah webb - Fantastic Camera (Palermo)

    This camera is Fantastic! It has great quality video as well as 2 way audio! Before I go any further.. I wasn't paid or given a discount to write this review! I'm an actual customer! As an actual customer let me say this company was great to work with! They had exemplary customer service and have checked with me several times making sure I was satisfied with the product. I got this camera to keep an eye out on my 4month old Labrador puppy with I'm at school/work! I'm a University of Kentucky student studying to be a physicians assistant/ cardiologist intern. With that being said being able to make sure my puppy is okay while at school & or work make me feel so much better! Also being able to communicate with him if he's upset or being naughty is great to! On that note I highly recommend this to everyone in the market for a camera!

  • yasky - Resource hogger, you can't even type - but OK after adjustment

    I bought this one based so many positive reviews. It installed pretty fast and did super fast screening and it even found virus on my system. I was immediately impressed and went ahead and installed on both my son and daughter's computer. A week later, my daughter started complaining her keyboard not working well. I quickly blamed on bad keyboard. Now I am experience bad keyboard as well. I found out that the s/w is hogging resources so much that my keyboard won't even respond. In fact I am having a hard time typing this review. As far as I am concerning this s/w is a virus itself. I had similar issue with McAfee and now this. I would give a -5 rating if I could.

  • Matthew Petersen - 2014 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market

    The 2014 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market is a must for anyone looking to get into the Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market .