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  • Isle of Yew - After 8 months of regular use, very pleased.

    Purchased, delivered and set up in the basement in January 2011. This machine gets regular use by my husband and me. We are just two regular people who were looking for a good quality elliptical to provide toning and cardio workouts. We did a lot of research and tried out various machines. This was a great choice for us.

  • Ms. P - Best shampoo ever: great value, non-oily, gentle, repairing shampoo. Classic favorite.

    Terrific shampoo. I've been using Mane 'n Tail for years. People still look at me weird when I say I use horse shampoo on my own hair, but boy does it work well!

  • Amazon Customer - Another amazing book by Bella

    I absolutely love Bella's writing. This book is no exception. A few spots in the beginning were a bit slow, but everything fell into place. I'm excited about this series, and cannot wait for the next installment. Go Bella!

  • Raymond - i love this brand

    i love this brand, works for other insects as well. Last around 2ish month indoors. And a bit less outdoors

  • Angie - Clipart snag but I like the 2012 version

    Having had two previous versions, I decided to purchase the Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2012 version in order to get upgraded functions and new artwork. I had it for Christmas and have just installed it.

  • NJrachel - very good product, sturdy

    very good product, sturdy. I use it for my bench press spotter where I can do heavy bench press. I place it right under the bench arm and if I can't push it to failure, I just place the weight on to this rack. it works every time. I had to purchase this after I dropped the weight on my chest couple of times, and I need some kind of spotter device.

  • Kate - Can't handle 200 lbs!

    I had this product (2008 model) for 1.5 years and it broke 2 times. I use it 5 days a week, and I weigh less than 120 lbs. My husband weighs about 200 lbs and it seems like every time he starts using it, the machine will break within a few weeks. The part that broke about six months ago was the left connecting arm. I called Sole and they sent out technician to replace the part for free.