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  • jeremy - Comes with a ton of songs that my kids love dancing to

    Comes with a ton of songs that my kids love dancing to. You can also download additional songs to add to your list.

  • Patrick H - One of a kind product

    I added Lucas Oil Stabilizer to a 15 y/o Corolla at an oil change (ratio 1:4). Improvements that I noticed soon after are: engine ran smoother, oil level stayed stable, better gas mileage. I'm happy with the product and very satisfied with Amazon's service.

  • Amazon Customer - Great book for Lucy lovers!

    Lots of fun reading this bio, remembering the shows in the past. It fills in a lot of her & Desi's history together, and both of their amazing careers.

  • Amazon Customer - Interesting...

    I received my tube as a "free trial" from the company, but be warned, when you sign up for the trial your card will automatically be charged 3 weeks later for the next shipment.

  • LarryMcJ - Finally, a replacement for my aging mouse pad I thought was obsolete

    I've used this mouse pad for over 10 years and have been babying it, trying to make it last a little longer because I thought they weren't made anymore. Then I happened to discover these on Amazon! Ergonomically, this is the best mouse pad I've ever used, either with a mouse or track pad. I'm happy to have found this item on Amazon.


    I have a lot of hair, but its very fine. I have tried different products (changing shampoos, conditioners, mousse, and hairsprays - even other styling products). But, this is the only product that gives my fine hair the texture it needs to do whatever I want it to and still look good all day.

  • Amy Feigley - Not worth it.

    I did the 10 day cleanse...what a waste of time and money. It made me so sick to my stomach. I maybe lost one inch and didn't drop any weight at all. I used to drink the Spark but after a week, would get these massive headahces. So I stopped drinking it altogether and haven't had a problem since then.