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  • ktmonster - Lots of Dedication

    My entire office did the 30 day cleanse together. I don't think I would have been able to stick with it without the group support. I was about 30 pounds above my ideal weight and lost 15 pounds and 22 inches after 30 days. Honestly, I didn't stick to the diet perfectly (had the occasional glass of wine or vodka and soda), so if I had, I probably would have lost even more. Once you get around the idea that you are not eating food three times per day, it is really easy to follow. It is a lifestyle change to be sure, but is more mental than physical. I don't eat a lot of sugar to begin with, so I didn't have the headache and fatigue some of my co-workers experienced. The cleanse days are quite easy, as they have you eating, drinking, etc. something every hour or so. I didn't eat any of the bars or snacks because I don't like sweets at all. Instead of the bars, I had a hard boiled egg or some celery. That worked fine. We just started a second 30 days to knock off those holiday pounds, this time I only ordered the items I like to use (no bars or snacks, just the shakes and cleanse for life). It is a great program if you are not self-motivated to cut calories (like me) and it is easy to follow and easy to plan meals. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a jump start to help portion control and healthier diet.

  • Stacy Doyle - LOVE THIS STUFF!

    This stuff is amazing! I've used it for years but sometimes it's hard to find in stores so i was thrilled when I found it on here! It's great to use on your hair if you want to smooth it out after a blowdry... without a greasy/thick feeling.

  • Mindy Montano - like I did they have test to see if you ...

    I failed my drug test through a lab lost my job, but the game me a option to take it again and I bought the drink again figured worth a shot... First time 4 days clean 2nd time 2 weeks cleans passed the test. So it works and doesn't .... 50/50 I use cannabis daily for years little info.