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  • Seattle guy - Almost too clear...

    I bought this after raiding my son's college fund. Before you slash at me with negative comments, the kid is 23 and works at Taco Bell. That ship has sailed. Anyway, my biggest gripe with this TV is that I just saw Justin Bieber's arrest photo on the news in total HD super-duper clarity. Did you guys know that chick's a dude?

  • DADDEO - Worked for me on two different leaks

    I am not a believer in Stop leak products and have never bought them. I tried this because has good reviews and it doesn't stop leaking seals by swelling them with mineral spirits. I used this in my vehicles steering gear which had a leaky pitman shaft seal. It has been leaking for a while and was leaving power steering fluid on my driveway.I added a few ounces of this and a few days later I am not seeing any signs of leaks anymore. I also used this ATP on my 4000 PSI pressure washer pump. The pump when not in use was leaving a puddle under the pump , now it seems to be reduced to a very slight drip. I am impressed and think this stuff actually works. ****Update 1 year later**** The product is still working on my steering box and also my pressure cleaner pump. I am pretty impressed with this product.

  • Amazon Customer - Love it!

    My husband and I love this stroller! In fact, when we're out as a family I don't get to push it because he loves it so much! It maneuvers so well, is easy to push and steer. The adjustable handle bar is wonderful as there is a 5-6 inch difference between mine and my husbands height. Haven't used the bassinet on the stroller. My 2 month old has been very alert from day 1 and likes to look around so she likes to sit up. We've mostly used the frame with the matching UPPAbaby Mesa infant car seat, which is great and convenient. We just recently switched to using the toddler seat on the frame and she loves it. The huge basket underneath is fantastic! It can hold so much! It really comes in handy when out and about. It's easy to set up and take down too and compacts really well for it's size. I also like how it'll stand up on it's own if the handle bar is all the way out while it's folded. It is on the heavier side but I don't mind because it's a nice sturdy quality. We are so glad we made this purchase and look forward to using it as our infant grows. I've used a lot of strollers over the years between being a nanny and all my nieces and nephews and this is the best one overall that I've used.

  • amazongirl - Great results in minutes of use. Clearer skin

    My daughter received this item as a gift. Said mom this stuff is amazing, you got to order some and try it. So this was my first use ever. I did see amazing blackheads pop out on my face within a few minutes of applying to my face and using circular motions. As I rubbed in lightly circles I did see the gunk come out of my pores immediately. I do have acne and lots of self esteem issues due to my acne. But to see the results of all the dead skin and clogged pores in a few seconds. Ok daughter I'm sold I did purchase 4 more orders immediately. Did recommend to a few friends also. Which purchased and said amazing results also. This was a total of $40 all in all Full price PERSONAL purchase for myself.

  • Steve Jennings - Intuit Customer Service is the Worst!

    I had been a quicken user from the mid ninety's until 2009 or over 10 years and purchased the upgrades every two to three years. I found it to be a good program for check book entries, reconciling and categorizing for budgets. However, it left a lot to be desired to manage investments and it is late to the party to offer cloud service for mobile devices. I have found other Free Apps that are far superior to Quicken and believe it has lost its luster for my purposes. I only chose to purchase Quicken 2014 to have the ability to print reports but have not seen that a reason enough to suffer through its quirky investment deficiencies and the inability to download investment transactions I easily can access with the Free Apps I use. I believe Intuit has hampered Quicken's desire to listen to its user's and it's lack of customer service (without paying) rank it the worst I have experienced in years. Intuit is just impossible to work with. I plan to return this product.

  • Alex Colletta - TrackR is immensely helpful

    I've been waiting for a product like this for so long. I lose my wallet, my keys, or both on almost a weekly basis. I usually find them but when you're in a rush, it's the most frustrating thing ever. My friend told me about trackR and I bought one a few days later. Sure enough I couldn't find my keys when I was late to work the next week. I almost forgot I had the trackR before my girlfriend reminded me. I busted out my phone and opened up the app. Then I could hear a pile of clothes in the corner of the room beeping and found the keys in a pocket. Saved me probably ten minutes of looking for them and I made it to work on time. Gotta say this device has helped me a lot already and I'm extremely satisfied with it. Whether youre prone to losing things or you had a late night drinking, trackR will help you find what you seek!

  • Magie - such an improvement

    I have had stomach issues for years. I am usually in the bathroom constantly after taking an antibiotic. Align has allowed me to take my medicine without suffering for it. Having irritable bowel syndrome, I have tried many probiotics, but this one gives me the best results and was recommended by my gastroenterologist. Another family member has incorporated it in her diet with the same fantastic results. I highly recommend this product.