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Pharmacy and Medical Supply Store San Antonio - Hill's Drug Store - Hill's Drug Store is the leading medical supply store San Antonio, call or visit our store to check out our products at great prices!

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  • Kyle B. - I get one of these guides whenever visiting a new country...

    I love the Lonely Planet guides. Got one for Costa Rica last year, and this one for Iceland this year. I will get one of these books whenever visiting a new country. They have great information on all the towns and major attractions. Reviews of restaurants and hotels are extremely helpful when planning the trip as well as finding places to eat once there.

  • Manolo - primitive jungle steel

    Ok, this is a tool to be used. No fancy stuff here, not for showcases, this cutting tool is made for the wild, jungle, woods, desert, mountain, farm and maybe, just maybe, the battlefield.

  • Jo Walter - Lightweight but does not recline, breaks hard to put on

    Whilst very light you have to push hard to move the pram with a child in it. Also found that the breaks were hard to put on as the break pedals would get stuck. Wouldn't buy it again.

  • Maxver2 - Pretty good unit

    Pretty good unit. Mine was manufactured in September and so it seems to have many fixes compared to the units people received in the past. I will nix one star as my unit came with a defective accessory line (always stays on) so I'm going to wire in a relay to turn off the radio automatically when the car is off.