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  • Paul Schoeman - It's True!!!

    A coworker sent me a link to this product, and I got a laugh out of the reviews. A fellow coworker did not believe the comments on the product were real, so I ordered a 1lb bag and offered him to prove the reviews were not real. Well, he ate two or three bears over the course of a day, and then chickened out. However another coworker decided he would try them. On day one of his experiment he ate about 20 over the course of a day and no problem. On day two he went to town on those little evil bears, but he left before I had a chance to ask if he was feeling alright after his bear binge. The next day when I caught up with him he told me his stomach got a little upset, but that was all. However a little later one of the employees that sits across the way from the men’s room mentioned to me that they had seen the bear muncher running to the men’s room the day before, and that he was in there for at least an hour. When he left the rest room, he was described as pale and shaky. When the reporting coworker went to use the men’s room shortly after, he reported the site as a s*** apocalypse. He thought the bear muncher got his trousers down, but experienced human equivalent of a rectal space shuttle launch before he managed to sit on the porcelain throne. The reporter of the aftermath of the bear powered s*** tornado said the toilet was so nasty he decided to hold his business until he got home.

  • Amazon Customer - This product is garbage and will ruin your floor

    This product is garbage. I tried it on my laminate flooring and it looked great for about half a day, then became cloudy and dull with stain marks everywhere,

  • Priscilla J. Dell - comments on New American Bible via kindle

    I have vision problems so using the kindle to study the Bible is very much easier than reading the paper text. It is difficult to figure out how to go from text to footnotes in this kindle version. If that could be explained to me I would appreciate it.

  • Sean - Give it a try

    I bought this honey to use as part of my facial regimen. I have extremely sensitive skin which is constantly breaking out due to one reason or another. I started using this somewhat like a face wash. I gently massage it into my skin, then place a hand towel soaked with warm water over my face. After a few moments, I lightly wipe away the excess honey. Within the first few days I saw noticeable difference in my skin. I haven't needed to apply any topicals, or moisturizers to my face either. I highly recommend this. The price is high, but a large bottle will last you. Now to buy a second jar to eat...