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  • I only give honest reviews - was impressed by presentation

    I think I am the only person in the history of orogold that would admit that they did not pull me in. I was curious by the elegance of the store and I went in. I was given a presentation in the Dallas galleria and was impressed. I love my skin care products but 128 for a tiny bottle was not something I was willing to pay. I got this product all the way down to 68 but still did not purchase. I know how this works I got pulled into a Killeen mall Kiosk for a dead sea product that absolutely worked wonders but when I went on ebay, I almost kicked myself for the price I paid so in the case of orogold, that is what I did. I went to ebay and found the products much much lower. A 13 hundred dollar mask for 20 and a starter kit that was 200 for 33. These products are excellent but unless you are midas do not purchase in the store. Go to the site or find what you want at the store and then look for them online. If a product is 128 dollars how can they then afford to sell it for 68?

  • David P - Amazing tool

    Put a diamond wheel on these and they cut through tile like butter. I've done two bathrooms now with the same diamond blade on ceramic and one porcelain with absolutely no problems. No heat build up and easy to control so cutting around a toilet flange is a snap. Better than my manual tile cutter and no need for a wet saw. this baby does it all. wish I got one sooner.

  • shellmrtn - Not the same Sorry it used to be

    Wow...was so disappointed with this. They cut the pieces down to 3 pieces per player instead of the original 4. They made 1 less of each different type of card. Bought the game to play with my kids for nostalgia's sake, but it's a disappointment. Will go to Goodwill to pick up an older one.