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  • billy goat - Just terrible...

    I am incredibly disappointed with this product. It was clear to me from reviews and instructions that prepping the surface correctly was essential to its success. I spent 2 days power washing, scraping, and sanding the surface of my deck to ensure there was clean adhesion. I applied two thick coats as instructed but I noticed chips and cracks within days. Two weeks after Applying 2 coats, large strips of the paint began lifting. It's also incredibly sensitive to chipping. I returned to The paint store and chatted with the paint salesman (a different one that I purchased the product from). He indicated that they received a large number of complaints from folks whose paint didn't last the brutal winter.

  • Sodane - 1997 Lexus ES300 - Totally fixed the problem

    1997 Lexus ES300 with 225,000 miles, original PS Pump (and engine, tranny and everything else - gotta love Lexus!).

  • Trayceetee - Greatest cookbook software ever!

    I'm still learning all the great uses for this software... I've only just begun to get into using it. But I am very pleased with it thus far. I find this software very easy to use! It's very attractive, too. I had Cookin' for a while, but it really was clunky and not user-friendly, to me. Plus, I kept having to add on and buy upgrades, etc. I imagine that'll happen with the Living Cookbook, eventually, but at this point, it's got everything I need and more! I love being able to download recipes directly from the internet! I love being able to input my own recipes and even add pictures, etc. I need to work with it some more, as I know it has a TON of options and capabilities. I'm so happy I purchased this software!!!

  • Analyzer - Works after 7 months, modified the Gilmore sprayer to get proper dilution ratio

    At first, for a few months I thought this did not work. At first it turned the black color sort of a brownish yellowish color but was still there. Almost wrote a review saying it did not work. Now after 7 months it looks new. I modified the Gilmour 362 that people are buying with this, you almost have to if you don't want to walk up on the roof. I enlarged the holes in the Gilmore on the top so that the roof cleaner is really sucked out as recommended in the dilution to water. If you don't you are putting out minute quantities that is useful for weed killing, but not for this roof application. After you enlarge the holes in the Gilmore, do a test by spraying 1 gallon out and seeing if the proper dilution is achieved. Remember to take the black diffuser off the end of the nozzle for a far reaching spray stream! I will always use Spray and forget now.