Hair Analysis: Lab Test for Do-it-yourself Nutrition - Our hair analysis is a convenient and accurate nutritional screening that can help you take control of your health through optimal nutrition. No guesswork!

  • Hair Mineral Analysis Online | - Order your Hair Mineral Analysis Online. Total Cost includes: graphic results, interpretations, recommendations, consultation, and program support!
  • Dietary supplements | Order Online | HairAnalysisReport - Your laboratory analysis results provides a specific list of recommended dietary supplements and the quantities of bottles required.
  • Toxic Elements | Heavy Metals | Health Problems | Hair Analysis - Toxic Elements permeate our society and influence a wide variety of health problems. A Hair Analysis helps reveal toxic elements exposures. Learn more!
  • Detox the Body: Is nutrition the most efficient means to detox all toxins? - This is an important question because to properly detox the body you should consider chemical toxins, toxic elements, as well as metabolic toxins.
  • Toxins | Nutrition | Health | Hair Analysis - The term toxin is an all-encompassing label that can include toxic elements, chemical toxicants, or rarely thought of metabolic toxins?
  • FAQ's About Hair Analysis | Hair Analysis Report - Learn about hair analysis in our FAQ's. In fact, all the articles on our site expands on the FAQ's page.
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  • Hair Analysis Report: What we can do for your nutrition - Hair Analysis Report specializes in hair tissue mineral analysis. Nutritional screenings can help Improve your nutrition and may help improve your health
  • Trace Elements Inc. | Hair Analysis | Nutrition - Our Trace Elements Inc. Profile 2 reveals your unique nutritional needs and addresses toxins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
  • TEI Profile 1 Hair Analysis | Nutrition | Toxic Elements - Our TEI Profile 1 hair analysis provides an economical choice to monitor your current nutritional and toxic element status and supplement and detox programs
  • Hair Analysis Lab: 5 important points to consider beyond price - Choose your Hair Analysis Lab Carefully! If you are searching for the best hair analysis lab, here are 5 important points you may want to consider.
  • Analytical Research Labs | Hair Analysis - Our Profile II hair analysis by Analytical Research Labs Inc., provides important information needed for comprehensive nutrition specific to your needs.
  • Analytical Research Labs | Hair Analysis - Retest - Analytical Research Labs - Profile 4 - is a complete retesting of your mineral levels to check what changes have taken place in your mineral biochemistry.
  • Minerals: Why test for Macro Minerals and Trace Minerals? - Minerals are foundational in nutrition. Minerals are essential in countless metabolic functions in all phases of life and cannot be manufactured by the body.

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  • Leigh - Not compatible with Windows 8.1

    I spent 8 hours trying to install this on a 2 year old Dell desktop computer running windows 8.1. I never did get it to install. I pulled out my old windows 7 laptop and it installed perfectly there. I called their tech support line and got no support at all. She told me to google the problem and work it out from there. She also suggested that I take my desktop down to an expert to check that the operating software was installed correctly and that all the hardware was functioning properly. What sort of support is that?!?! It goes back for a refund tonight.

  • The Best Pilot 123 - Great/The BEST Quarter Collection Book

    This book give you quarters of the national parks from 2010 through 2021 which covers all the national park quarters. You insert the quarters into the slots and then covering them with a plastic cover. This not only protects the quarters but allows you to see both the front and the back. Also, next to each quarter, there is information about the national park and on several pages, there is history about national parks and the history of the United States quarter. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who loves to collect the national park quarters. Finally, it is at a great price.

  • Jenn - Love this stuff!

    I put it on everything... my face, neck, chest, stretch marks from having a baby recently. It works wonders. The only thing it does is make my face a bit red for about 20 minutes after applying it. However, a small price to pay for the amazingness it provides!!! It doesn't make my skin breakout either! I've already bought my second bottle. I'm a 35 year old white female with normal skin.