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  • http://hackersagency.com/jobs.html Hackers' Agency - Caribbean Hackathon Hackers Wanted - Hackers Agency - The Coolest Hacking Gigs on the Planet - Looking for A-list hackers with hackathon experience to compete in first Caribbean International Invitational Hackathon to be held in Curacao in March 2015.

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  • Reelman - Helps you to go

    This is the Original Squatty Potty and is made in U.S.A. I purchased it to help my parents and they have told me it helps tremendously and highly recommend it. When people sit on a toilet, their feet are on the ground and it keeps them from sitting properly to align the colon. The Squatty Potty raises the legs and aligns the colon.

  • Dan Ransom - Bat has alot of pop!

    Bought this bat for my 15 year old son who plays both travel and rec ball. He hasn't hit any home runs with it yet, but he is launching some pretty deep shots with it. It has a great sound to it when it makes contact in the sweet spot.

  • D. Williams - Top Notch

    The best aerosmith concert film yet. Yes, this is a straight concert....while I loved the live in Japan film, it was more of a documentary. The film and sound quality are top notch, although I would have preferred a release of a US show from the 2014 tour as opposed to a festival gig. On this release we miss the aerosmith staging as well as some deeper cuts from shows that same year (kings and queens, etc). Overall though, these are small critiques from a die hard fan wishing for more archival releases. Hopefully we will see those type of releases in the future. For now, this release is a must have!

  • 3dogmom - Best Glass Cleaner Ever!

    So much better than Windex. Instructions recommend using a soft cloth that wont leave lint. A microfleece cloth will work. The product also has a slight industrial smell to it as you spray but it goes away after it dries. I have three cocker spaniels who leave nose and paw marks on my front and back doors that are difficult to clean. Invisible Glass took the marks off with one swipe. I knew there was an easier way to clean glass. This is it!

  • Kolya - Thoroughly researched and with good background history of the USA and past history

    A frightening review of current World events and what could possibly be in store for all human kind within this decade. Thoroughly researched and with good background history of the USA and past history. Well worth reading to get the lowdown facts on who is behind what in the secret shadow governments.

  • SheLa Weber - WOW what a difference it has made!

    My mother and I have been using this product for 4 months. WOW what a difference it has made in our hair quality. Our hair has grown stronger and longer. I need to cut my bangs every week. Our shedding is back to normal, no more "YIKES" is that all my hair falling out!!! Now we are on auto ship saw we never run out. But give it 2 months to really start working. Nothing works over night!