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  • Matthew Cring - Fun learning tool

    There's a bit of a time lag, even when you hook it up to external speakers. MUCH better when you do that though. I Think it's a bit better for guitar than bass. It comes with a pretty good selection of songs stock, but you have the option to purchase from a really nice library of songs.

  • RoadiJeff - Thank you all for the honest reviews

    Thank you all for the honest reviews. I saw a TV commercial about Zap recently and I decided to do a Google search for reviews of it before I went for their "if you order now, we'll send you two" offer. After reading the many negative reviews, I can now see that Zap is not all the company claims it to be in their commercials. You all just saved me $19.95 plus whatever additional shipping and handling.

  • Marc Friedman - Thanks for a great Book Joe

    When it comes to knowledge about Football, Joe knows his stuff. And I know first hand how he did last season on FanDuel; ) wish I did that well !!!!!!! Thanks for a great Book Joe.