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  • Caminhar e meditar na Primavera - - Em contagem decrescente para a Primavera vamos retomar a partir de Março as nossas caminhadas com meditação, conduzidas por Marta Davies Mertens!
  • Passadiços do Paiva vão reabrir! - - Os passadiços do Rio Paiva reabrem novamente ao público a 13 de Fevereiro com alguns melhoramentos! Não perca o programa da Green Trekker de 29 de Abril a 1 de Maio que inclui os passadiços+rafting.

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    I was really excited to get these oils since 750 reviewers gave it excellent marks. I put the lavendar oil in my diffuser and started having a very bitter taste in my mouth and started getting a headache, which lavendar has never done to me before. I tried to look on their website for information on the ingredients, and website that they wrote on the bottles IS NON-EXISTENT. That really scared me because they don't have any information on the bottles, no pamphlet in the box and no website. Therefore they cannot be liable for any harmful chemicals found in this product. And I cannot return them because according to Amazon it is considered hazardous material. If I were you, I would buy essential oils from a company that has available information on it's product!!!

  • alexandria hodges - MT BOOTY GOT FATTER

    I HAVE BEEN WORKING OUT ON MY BUTT and i did see a change i thought a little help would be good, i have been using it in the begining i did it every day twice a day n i started to fall of but i put it on time to time now n i think it works great i would get it again. My friend also noticed a diffrence in mi bottom and i never told anyone i got it bec i wanted to see if other people would notice. I think as long as you work out this product aids in helping it grow. I would get this again and im also interested on the pills.

  • Natasha - Interesting approach, seems to work

    The product is easy to use and seems to work. You have to remember not to brush your teeth or drink / eat anything before using it which was a challenge for me at first. But I like the approach and the app that comes with the device is done reasonably well. I can't attest to how accurate it is because I have only been using it for a month but as a healthcare researcher, I see that scientifically speaking, it should work well. I am thinking of pairing it up with a basal thermometer and compare the results...will post an update when I find out the delta, if any.