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  • Taylor - PCAT fun

    Contains a 1/2 practice test, approx: 230 pages of Biology review, 200 pages of Chemistry review, and 60 pages of Quantitative Ability review. Good review book. The PCAT is fast (37 seconds per question in Biology, Verbal, Chemistry) and so you need to know what you are doing. (50 seconds for Quantitative)

  • Jared - Awesome

    This game is pretty fun and a lot more hands on feel to it with the gun than most games where you just use the PlayStation controllers.

  • Bethann Dotson - Zero Calorie, All Natural Caffeine for the Boost You Want

    This product is perfect for our family. We go hiking and sometimes we need a boost in our energy. We try to use as many all natural products as we can and these all natural caffeine energy sticks are wonderful. They provide all natural caffeine and vitamins. Te pure LYFT Energy Stir Sticks provide just the right amount of energy. Each stick contains 125mg of caffeine which is equivalent to a tall coffee. It is just the right amount of energy to keep me going without the jitters or a major crash later on. I can use them any time of the day. They are great to jumpstart your day, are perfect to refresh and stay alert. They can provide a lunch time boost to energize my afternoon, or for me to help keep me alert when I am working a night shift. They are really easy to use, I remove the pureLYFT Energy Stick label, I do this over my drink (the first time I didn't and lost some of the powder) and stir in the energy blend for 10 seconds or so until it is dissolved. I used it in soda the first time and I detected no change in the flavor of my soda, since then I have used it in iced tea, (didn't like it as it left my tea tasting sweet), like it in lemonade, tomato juice and my husband likes it in coffee, and we all like it in the flavored water we take on our hikes.I recommend these zero calorie, all natural caffeine sticks to anyone who needs an energy boost. We will be long time useres.

  • Kindle Customer - A little bit of everything

    This story had a bit of everything! Luke and Hayley grew up together and were in love with each other without the other knowing. Hayley left town to follow her dream and Luke got caught in a crime he didn't commit. Hayley inherits her grandmother's house after she passes and decides it's time to move back home. She runs into look on her first day back while he had just gotten out of jail. They fall back into their routine of being close and finally taking the steps to have a real relationship when a friend of theirs is murdered, just like Luke's sister a couple years before. They join together to figure out who is doing the killing in their small town, while also working on their relationship. When they discover whom it was doing the killings everything was blown wide open! I loved this story and it had the right amount of angst, murder, sexiness, and love!

  • totallyfrozen - Noticeably effective!

    I live in the Houston, TX area (i.e. subtropical climate). My garage is what you'd call "unfinished" meaning, no dry wall, etc. it's a work space; not an extra room. So it's not sealed from the outside climate. My garage gets very hot and damp. I'm pretty meticulous about taking care of my stuff so I clean my tools (and oil them if necessary) before I put them away. Still, I started noticing my tools rusting and some rather "earthy" smells in the garage. I had learned out DampRid from a family member who used it in an RV so I thought I'd try it. Honestly, given the size of my garage and the fact that outside air blows in, I didn't expect much benefit. After the first night in use, I went into the garage and could FEEL the difference. It's not as effective as a dehumidifier but it doesn't cost $300 either. So far, I'm happy.

  • YaYa - Absolutely LOVE this protein

    Absolutely LOVE this protein! I am one who has literally tried every protein known to man, including Shakeology, in search of finding 'that one' protein - and this is just it for me! I blend it daily into a protein shake with 1 banana, a scoop of PB2, ice and water - and viola, pure perfection! Cannot say enough good things about it!

  • LadyDi - Great

    `These are great - I just love them for students. I teach computer skills to seniors and these are just great to have beside the computer.