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    All Perfect this product is amazing and the seller is very good Im happy with my product thank you. this product is exellent this product is very good

  • MANsion - Not for to be desperate or really stuffy to attempt use again

    I read many reviews and some people like it. I really don't care for the nose strips. I wiped my face before placing the strip on so the oil from my skin wouldn't interfere with the adhesive. The strips barely stayed in place although they did not completely fall off. When morning came and I took the strips off it was difficult and actually left adhesive on my face even after I used alcohol and witch hazel to remove. I think I will try something that can insert into my nostrils next time I need nasal relief.

  • Pi+rate - Great game console

    Great game console. Good graphics and sound. Needs more function though, like playing music or video from a flash drive. But will have to see if that comes in an update down the road.

  • Lily - Shaklee Scour Off - Great Stuff!

    I have been using this stuff for about 35 years and I love it! It used to be called At-Ease, but several years ago Shaklee changed the name to Scour Off. I am pretty sure it is the same formula, or maybe even better. I love how well it works for cleaning my stainless steel kitchen sink. It has a nice scent, like bubble gum, is non-toxic, no fumes, and is safe for your skin. I don't have to wear rubber gloves when using this. I have very sensitive skin, and most soaps, detergents, and cleaners will make me break out in a rash, but not the Shaklee cleaners. It also lasts a long time, since I don't have to use very much to get the job done. It is a paste, so I just put a little on my damp sponge, add water as needed to spread it around while I clean, then rinse, and I am always happy with the results!

  • ILoveAmazon - Nerium AD Age Defying Night Cream is poisonous.

    I am 58 with pretty youthful skin(I've stayed out of the sun since I was in my early 20's) but my skin is dry dry dry. I was given a bottle of Nerium AD Age Defying Night Cream and used it and could tell right off that it wasn't going to work for me. My skin got drier and started to feel like it was pulling from the dryness. I need moisture and this product did not give me moist skin. FYI, one of the main ingredients is Oleander Leaf Extract which is poisonous to humans. I wouldn't have this stuff in my house because of children and pets. I don't recommend this product.

  • Bill Gibson, II - Not Perfect... But Close!

    I have been extremely happy with my new Chromebook. Most of what I do, both personal and for work (I'm a web developer & Blackboard Admin at a small university), I can do with the Chromebook, Gmail & Google Docs. There are some things, like Netflix, Java and Citrix Receiver that either don't work, or don't work because our server setup doesn't support it.

  • Mark T - Necessary road trip companion

    Best book ever. Even the Verizon coverage map has some blank spots dispute what Jamie Fox might lead you to believe. If you travel across the country a lot you are going to find these spots, be low on gas and provisions, and google won't be able to tell you where the nearest choke and puke is located (if your east bound and down). Best investment you can make before a trip.