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  • Kirsten T. Elliott - Not for Westies!

    These collars come highy recommended, so when it turned out our little westie was something of a tick magnet, I purchased one. With a couple of weeks she started constantly scratching - and I mean constantly. She'd always done it a bit - westies are prone to it - but this was a nightmare. I found that many French vets have concerns about this collar so I took it off. But the scratching did not stop. It had precipitated a reaction that did not go away. After various attempts with antihistamines - some of which sent her into snooze mode without stopping the scratching while others gave her the squits - I put her on a grainfree diet. After nearly a year this seems to have cracked the problem, but the monthly dose of advocate gets her scratching away within about an hour, though it quickly calms down. I would never buy one of these again, even though we've been warned it's going to be a bad year for ticks. Diet seems to be the best answer. Garlic tablets work, I'm told, but the dog food she's on now has marigold petals in it, and this seems to be pretty effective too. If you have a breed prone to eczema DO NOT BUY THIS COLLAR.

  • RHarsha - Not for fine hair!

    Dr Miracle's Hot Gro smells great, gingery and sort of spicy, with a pleasant scalp tingle that is not at all overpowering.

  • Diana F Gross - Head start on weight loss

    This product used as directed helped me lose 30 pounds. My sister in law tried it and lost 40 pounds.

  • Joanna Rutkowska - Good vitamins but overpriced

    Most of the ingredients include vitamin B's, folic acid and vitamin A. They are also at over 100% of the daily maximum and Thrive wants you to take two pills upon waking up. Seems a bit extreme and maybe dangerous

  • J. Williams - Worth it now, but more is coming later when the "now" is cheaper.

    I pre-ordered the PSVR on Amazon the day it was offered. I wanted to lock one down in case it really was the next thing in console gaming. However, I wanted the security of knowing that I could cancel my pre-order in case too many negative stories started to surface. Field of view, image quality, comfort, refresh rate, and nausea were all concerns that I wanted addressed before I fully committed.

  • John Fuller - My new favorite

    Delicious, love love the taste, was so disappointed white grape is not available anymore tried blue raspberry yuck never again, bompop was good but couldn't see myself drinking it everyday tried this and it's the best yet. And I hit PR's already.

  • Scot Matson - Ex Starbucks Barista. Buy this machine=Save $$$

    Okay, so there are a lot of mixed reviews on this product and if you are considering buying the Mr. Coffee ECMP-50, please give it a chance.