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  • Book Lover - I'm a Believer!

    I started taking Pregnitude during April/May (of the year I first bought it) to improve symptoms of PCOS/insulin-resistance (after reading about the benefits of myo-inositol and discussing it with my doctor). That was my main goal at first. My cycles normalized and I felt great about the product just from that. It's flavorless and I put it in my water. I did not try to conceive until that fall, and when I did, I got pregnant right away (within a month or two of trying). It was actually surprising to me that I conceived so easily because with PCOS I thought that getting pregnant might be difficult. Yet I was pregnant by October and had an excellent pregnancy and a healthy baby! I cannot be 100% sure that it was Pregnitude, but as a result, I am a firm believer in this product.

  • yessika sanchez - Goodnight the following claim of the purchase, is to ...

    Goodnight the following claim of the purchase, is to let them know that I disagree with the article, does not meet the description and says that at no time be tegnologia cdma and gsm in my country is used. chip for that reason I used is unusable.

  • TB1087 - Sunday Funday without the consequences!

    Wow, I woke up this morning feeling amazing. To be honest yesterday was football Sunday, I received this product and had already had a few cold ones. I decided to take it all the way and continued on my path down Sunday funday. As the night came to a close and the looming prospect of work the next morning drew closer and closer I began to be a little worried. Was I going to wake up intoxicated? Was my head going to be pounding from the previous day's drinking? I decided to give my sober a chance. Popped the recommended dosage and began to consume copious amounts of water (Something always do after drinking and before bed, typically with limited benefit) to my surprise when I woke this morning from my slumber I felt like a million bucks. The product really does work and it truly did do its job. I am definitely impressed and have already told friends about it. They now are looking to get some of their own. Great product, I would definetly check it out.!!

  • jennifer vititow - Great product

    I have used this product since I lost 60 pounds and it has been very helpful keeping the weight from slipping back

  • Enrique Ivern - Nice all around guide for planning and visiting.

    I've been a fan of Rick Steves for many years now. His guides never disappoint. I use them to plan my trips. In this case, the walking guides of the main sights are very complete also. Money very well spent. If your plans are to visit a particular area more in depth, say Tuscany, then get that particular guide.

  • Dorine White - Loved it!

    Jessa lives with her father in the supernatural community of Stratford, Connecticut. She is a fierce alpha she-wolf with four best friends, the Compass brothers. Four quads that each have a remarkable power of their own- Braxton is a dragon shifter, Maximus a vampire, Jacob is fey and Tyson is a wizard. Together they are Jessa's "pack".

  • SimplyChic Momma - Great Cardio

    I cant comment on whether it is techinically correct because I am not a kickboxing expert. But it is a good workout for someone that just wants a cardio workout. You really do work out a sweat but its still relatively easy to follow unlike some other videos that are hard to follow. It also jumps right into the workout so there isn't an extended intro.