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  • Office Lady - US Mapping

    I needed a street program to provide an optimized map of the stops that my route for the day showed. This map optimized the stops but it was impossible to map to them on individual pages. There was no way to get individual strip maps with directions to the stops as was available in earlier versions of Street Atlas. Therefore I spent $40 to get nothing. This product is totally useless to me. The write up of the product on the website was totally misleading as I was looking for a program that would provide yearly updates to the streets in the area since Streets and Trips by Microsoft has been discontinued.

  • ben holt - Great Stuff

    Been using this now for a week before hard outdoor labor, one gets me through my morning and the second is just icing on the cake. Would recommend to anbyone looking to lose some weight with physical activity.

  • E. Scoles - Good results

    This is a pretty effective workout regime. My wife & I have been doing it together, and even without slavishly following the schedule (we never do the "double friday") we've seen great results. This is not likely to get you ripped, but if you follow it reasonably conscientiously, it will likely reshape your body and improve your strength and stability. It's not making us look like greek gods/goddesses, but it's making us feel stronger.

  • Gloria H. - I purchased this tablet and after activating it - (charging ...

    I purchased this tablet and after activating it - (charging it) - it developed a line across the screen about one inch from the top. So far I have not been able to get ride of the line and it is impossible to use the tablet. I have asked for a solution and have not received a reply. Please - won't someone tell me if this is fixable? I am frustrated with this tablet.

  • Peter Gilligan - Great product. I have used this 10 times.

    The pills and powder are a little tough to get down, but by the third day you are used to the taste. This cleanse works great. Be prepared for day 2 and 3! Those days are when the cleanse really kicks in!