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  • Darthneko - Rough start but got better

    By the end I mostly liked this book, but the beginning was rough. It felt the none of the characters were really given the attention they deserved until half of them were removed from the scene and the author could actually focus on the main three, which was when I found myself actually enjoying it. Prior to that it felt like a lot of cardboard cut outs - the paranoid xenophobic military team leader, the cautious calm mediating female medic, the timid bookish but actually amazing heroine, the player jock with a heart of gold for the right woman hero. Yawn! It wasn't until halfway through that Jane grew a backbone and actually WAS amazing that the pace of the book picked up and the characters felt more alive.

  • Digital Clay - Tax To The Max!

    I have been using this software for about a decade and a couple years ago I had a complicated year that required I see a CPA to have my taxes done. The CPA asked what I had done years prior and when I said H&R Block, she said "Good Choice". She said many accountants who run low value return help actually use this program and don't clients. Makes sense, no different that people that clean carpets using the grocery store rental machines.

  • Amazon Customer - Not a Joke

    This cream really works!!! My butt has become so full and plumpy. I'm really happy with the results. I noticed its roundness after 2 weeks!

  • M4owner - Works every time WITHOUT FAIL

    This product works in every way it should. Personally i had used this multiple times over the course of a few months and without fail it worked every single time as long as i followed the directions. You must stop putting in youre body whatever it is youre trying to get out, at least 3 days prior to youre test. This is a MUST, if you do not do this or decide to cheat you will fail the test. After taking the drink it literally flushes youre entire system, and i do mean flush. you will literally use the bathroom till you have nothing left in you and not just urinating, fortunately it stops at just number 1 and 2. I highly recommend this product, it doesnt just cover up a toxin it clears it from youre entire body from that moment on as long as no new toxins are introduced.

  • Cher Kay - Good but not great.......for me at least!

    I bought the Gazelle in October 2006 after doing many hours of research. I had my second child in June and desperately wanted to take off 15 pounds of baby weight. Mostly everything I had read was positive so I convinced my husband that the Gazelle was an inexpensive way for me to get back into shape. I decided that I would use it for at least six months before writing a review so that I could give very accurate feedback.

  • rndsommer - worked for me

    I was skeptical. Getting ready to close pool up for the season but needed to fix a leak first. Losing about an inch per week. Would have cost around $200. to have pool guy come and find it. Figured I would give this a shot first. Followed instructions , poured it in and no more leak. Will further investigate any leaks in the spring. Hopefully it creates a permanent fix like it says or at least hold up over the winter.